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"This is an opportunity to remember the many thousands of Australians who were and are part of the Stolen Generation. read more

Premier Peter Beattie today introduced to Queensland Parliament laws that will improve protection of Queensland children from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

[Altnews] Not Seasick In Miami

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 24/05/2004 - 15:21

I am in Toronto and I open my e-mails. Five people have sent me Yediot Ahronot's report on the Sharon giveaway. He had cut a deal with German Foreign Minister Fischer of the Bilderbergs and American National Security Advisor Rice of the Council On Foreign Relations. The Jews would be removed forcibly from Gaza. The Gaza Strip would be extended into the Sinai.

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Policy Liddy Clark today encouraged Queenslanders to take time to be part of National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week this month.

[GreensMedia] Tasmanian Devils To Be Listed?

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 24/05/2004 - 15:11

"There are now serious moves within governments to list Tasmania's mascot, the Tasmanian devil, as threatened with extinction," Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

[GREENS-MEDIA] Marine fog

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 24/05/2004 - 15:09

The oceans management plan released today by federal Environment Minister David Kemp is largely fog, Greens Senator Bob Brown said.

Landholders will be able to start applying from next week for a ballot to do the last broadscale clearing of remnant vegetation in Queensland, Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson said today.

Queensland today gained nation-wide support for a resolution calling on the Federal Government to release children from immigration detention centres.

Hi Ken

The reason for this mail to you Ken tonight is the fact that Womans Day Magazine is about to release a special report on 24th May, this coming Monday on Parental Child Abduction.

I do encourage you to purchase a copy and read all about it, as it is an important topic for ALL parents.

[PMW] TAHITI: Greens plan Euro poll campaign

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 24/05/2004 - 14:22

Quote: "PAPE'ETE (RNZI Online/Pacific Media Watch): Environmentalists in French Polynesia are hoping to use next month's European elections to draw attention to parts of the territory which may disappear, reports Tahitipresse."