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Government Not Interested In Child Abuse

Submitted by Marilyn Rayn on Fri, 29/06/2007 - 17:46

I am writing this to voice my concerns.I have a 6 year old daughter which I fear has and still is being sexually abuse.I have notified the following departments which seems to do nothing more then wash their hands of this matter.

National Sorry Day Committee LogoThe National Sorry Day Committee presents its credentials as the long established premier National Advocate for the Stolen Generations.

We are making a national statement to the Australian people.

There is now a real danger of the creation by the Howard government of another Stolen Generation.

Another DoCS Episode...

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Tue, 26/06/2007 - 16:12

I have just spent the morning trying to locate my 5yr old son, under the care of the Department of Child Safety. It appears they lost him awhile also today.

I left work to be home before 11am for our contact visit this morning. By 11:25am, I began ringing to search for my son and the CSO bringing him.

Ready to Scream

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 26/06/2007 - 02:28

Well anonymous, your blog made some interesting reading. I am glad that you have made the decision to get out. I suspect that you will feel more comfortable with that as time goes by. I understand that there are some people who go into that area of public service with the best of intention but I also suspect that a great many don’t. Let me explain.

DoCS Royal Comm. Submitted 15th June

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Sat, 23/06/2007 - 15:25

Good News at Last!

The Opposition Party have submitted a formal request to the Crime & Misconduct Commission to have the Department of Child Safety investigated under a Royal Commission Inquiry. This report was submitted Friday 15th June, 2007.


DoCS' (Corrupt) Legislation...

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Sat, 16/06/2007 - 12:52

It looks as though we have completed Phase 1 of our justice with DoCS.

The Opposition Party, on Friday 15th June 2007, submitted a formal request to CMC to have DoCS investigated under a Royal Commission Inquiry.

To everybody suffering through their own torture at the cruel hands of the DoCS, I wish you well in your ventures and hope to be staying in touch with further announcements, get-togethers and support. Keep sending your stories to the Ombudsman, CMC, Director-General, etc. Have one master copy of your 'Brief Summary' handy to email or send at any time and never, ever stop.

Captcha Challenge Question

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 08/06/2007 - 13:14

every now and again you must click 'submit' once again to have the system accept your 'captcha challenge question' answer.

While this appears to be a problem it actually acts as a further spam deterrent.

Make sure that your topic or comment is not flagged as spam by the Akismet module. that would prevent your topic or comment from being published until such time that an administrator can publish your topic/comment.

CAPTCHA spam control

Submitted by Webmaster on Mon, 04/06/2007 - 07:30

This web site now uses a simple version of the so called 'CAPTCHA' challenge and response spam control system to thwart automated spambots from posting their spam on this web site.

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1984 01 of 14 Adagio

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 01/06/2007 - 18:42

Set in fascist Oceania, this classic dystopian vision has made "Orwellian" a household adjective. I have visualised the work in an easy-to-read, low-speed ("adagio") animation. This is part 1.



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