July 2004


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Thursday 8 July 2004

Despite the denials and blame-game by Federal Agriculture Minister Warren Truss and State Department of Primary Industries Minister Henry Palaszczuk, they must both assume responsibility for the disastrous circumstances leading up to the current citrus canker disease outbreak at the 'Evergreen Farms' property south of Emerald.

Senate Candidate and Team Leader

Following a tip-off, I travelled to Emerald with two rural advocate colleagues in March 2001 to obtain first hand information on the alleged illegal importation of citrus tree and other cuttings, which was found, to say the least, to be disturbing.

Greens Education Spokesperson Kerry Nettle, addressing the New South Wales Teachers Federation Annual Conference, today called for a radical shift in federal education policy to boost enrolments in public schools.



"Under the Howard government enrolments in public schools have dropped. That is a national problem that demands radical policy solutions," Senator Nettle said.

"Public education is overwhelmingly the first choice of Australian parents, it is in the interests of all Australians that this remains the case.

DSTO 16/04
Monday 5 July, 2004
Two new laboratories at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation's Adelaide facility will ensure continued leading edge support to the Royal Australian Navy in torpedo research and 'battlelab' experimentation.

Kens Comment: Who is the 'enemy'?

DSTO today opened two new, state of the art maritime research buildings at its Edinburgh location, north of Adelaide.

The two buildings were officially opened by Australia's Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie.

The new laboratory, known as the Maritime Experimentation Laboratory (MEL), will significantly extend DSTO's battlelab capability, enabling vastly expanded research into naval warfighting concepts using computer simulation.

On Line Opinion - 5 July 2004

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Australia's free Internet journal of social and political opinion
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Help needed - preferably intern!
Our last intern had a job even before she graduated. She was good, but it must have been the experience gained at On Line Opinion that really tipped the scales in her favour!!!
So, here's how you can improve your job prospects. We need volunteers to help prepare our Federal Election 2004 project.
They will preferably live in Brisbane, but some work can be done by telecommuting. We are after a commitment of one day per week.

Government Committed to Aviation Training

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 07/07/2004 - 21:17

Employment, Training & Industrial Relations, Tom Barton


The Beattie Government is determined not to allow skill shortages to slow the soaring growth of Queensland's aviation industry, Minister for Employment, Training and Industrial Relations Tom Barton said in Cairns today.

This financial year the Government will allocate $4.8 million to aeroskills training, an increase of 38 per cent on last year, Mr Barton said.

He was speaking at the official opening of the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre at Cairns International Airport. Training at the centre is provided by Aviation Australia, a State Government owned company.

Green Left Weekly, issue #588, July 7, 2004

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Who's afraid of Michael Moore?

The June 26-27 opening weekend of Michael Moore's new documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, confirmed the nightmares of US President George Bush's supporters. Despite the right-wing's best efforts to derail the Fahrenheit juggernaut, in a single weekend it became the highest grossing documentary in US history.

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Network TEN will be telecasting a two-way 'republic debate' between myself, from the Cairns Network TEN studio, and Professor John Warhurst, Chairman of the Australian Republic Movement (ARM), from the Canberra Network TEN studio.

Senate Candidate and Team Leader


Submitted by Editor on Wed, 07/07/2004 - 09:21

Senate Candidate and Team Leader

Sunday 4 July 2004 .

In response to numerous requests for information as to the 'persuasions' of incumbent Queensland politicians with regard to their republic position, and who will be seeking re-election at the coming Federal election, I am able to advise the following. I have for some years maintained a list of Queensland State MP's, House of Representative and Senate Members of Federal Parliament and how they voted at the 1999 republic referendum or, would vote in future republic plebiscites or referendums.



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