July 2004

(QldGovSpin) AVCO penalty credits consumers

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 23/07/2004 - 22:54

The Queensland Supreme Court has ordered Avco Financial Services Ltd to pay $443,500 for breaching consumer credit laws, Fair Trading Minister Margaret Keech said today.

Bangkok: Premier Peter Beattie has scored another win for Queensland, becoming the first Australian leader to hold trade talks with Thailand Prime Minister Dr Thaksin Shinawatra since the signing of the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement earlier this month.

Bangkok: Premier Peter Beattie told Thai Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit today that Queensland has the expertise to win contracts in a $45 billion road and rail expansion in and around Bangkok.

(QldGovSpin) Smart State Technology To Help Thai Doctors

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 23/07/2004 - 18:49

Bangkok: Premier Peter Beattie today congratulated VoicePerfect on the launch of a test program for its speech recognition software at Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand.
Premier & Trade, Peter Beattie


"VoicePerfect, a Smart State company, originally developed its PathSpeak voice recognition technology for the health industry in conjunction with Queensland Health Pathology and Scientific Services," said Mr Beattie.

With its use in hospitals in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia, PathSpeak has become a valuable diagnostic tool that enables pathologists to create diagnoses and reports simply by speaking.

Queensland children and families in rural and regional Queensland will receive targeted localised child protection services following the creation of 46 new child safety service centres and nine outreach offices across the state.

Kens Comment: Betties political gang are suffering from the Narcistic Syndrome with a variation of Maunchausens syndrome thrown in.

This is not what a government is voted in for, so an ex-schoolteacher who has destroyed oppotunities for male teachers can "create" more jobs for unemployables while he destroys families.

"The childs best interest" is not even a principal of law, just a phrase abused by child stealers. Beattie, face me at any TV current affairs program and I'll set you straight on the few, forgotten legal principals your gang have had to ignore to "create departments".

Like it or not the child still belongs to the FATHER due to a law 6000 years old (Parens Partae) and is still in force.

Get out of the family and the house NOW, idiots, instead of assisting to destroy the whole civilisation.

"Smart State", You have to be joking, go see a junk science shrink. Bloody international arse licker!

(Greens-Media) Greens welcome Labor's East Timor pledge

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 23/07/2004 - 11:24

Greens Senator Bob Brown has welcomed Mark Latham's commitment to renegotiate sea boundaries with East Timor.

The Greens have called for a genuinely independent assessment of Bounty Oil and Gas NL's controversial plan to drill a gas well in waters off the Central Coast.

The ship from Papua New Guinea has docked at Palau's Malakal Commercial Port, but the 100 delegates who have arrived for the 9th Festival of Pacific Arts are still on board.

Members of Congress Stress Concern Over East Timor-Australia Boundary Dispute During Australia Free Trade Debate

July 21, 2004 - Members of the U.S. Congress continue to express concern about Australia's stance toward East Timor in boundary negotiations between the two countries. Representatives Patrick Kennedy (RI), James McGovern (MA) and Dennis Kucinich (OH) raised the issue on the floor of the House of Representatives during last week's debate on the U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Kennedy and McGovern voted for the FTA; Kucinich voted against.

(ConspiracyPenPal) Newsletter - Cooties

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 23/07/2004 - 00:25

I walk in the front door: "I'm home, dear."

"Were you gone?"comes my wife's quick response.

It's our longest-running gag.

Some correspondents noticed that my posts have grown sparse.  It's nice to be missed.

I've been busy, is the easy reply.  But, then, we are all busy.  Truthfully, I've had this particular column stuck in my craw for almost two months.  Kind of like a hairball, but with sharp corners. Let me explain.



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