July 2004

[Oz-Gov-Corruption] bin Laden died several years ago

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 21/07/2004 - 21:53

* S.F. Attorney: Bush Allowed 9/11
* The FBI Agents Who Tried To Stop 911

[Oz-Gov-Corruption] IMEMC Report

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 21/07/2004 - 21:49

1) France Slams Sharon for Calling French Jews to Leave France
2) Wall Rerouting Almost Finished, Construction to Resume Soon

[Oz-Gov-Corruption] The Australian story

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 21/07/2004 - 21:41

By Tony Lee

The Australian story is essentially a sad one. It is a story of mass deceit practiced by thieves and charlatans on an unsuspecting and uneducated populace.  The hero of the Australian story is one Joseph Benjamin Chifley.  The reader can dig up many facts on Chifley.  I am only concerned here with his actions while in Office as Prime Minister of Australia.  Chifley’s main concern was for the plight of the people.  He watched as families disintegrated during the 1929 world depression, followed by the inevitable World War II.   As soon as he became Prime Minister after the war, Chifley introduced two per cent interest home loans.  These loans, initially for war service, were soon extended to every family in need.  The result was thousands of homes all over the country were constructed for less than two thousand pounds.  The major cities grew rapidly and Australia was known all over the world as ‘The Lucky Country’. 

(mensnewsdaily) Can?t Find A Good Man? Blame Feminism!

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 21/07/2004 - 21:32

by Resa LaRu Kirkland

Does any decent American man want a modern American woman?
Signs are there ... no, they don't, or given our behavior, they shouldn?t. And we only have women to blame. Yeah, I said it?women.

Introducing a new Policy Report from Foreign Policy In Focus

By Antonia Juhasz

The U.S. occupation of Iraq officially ended on June 28, 2004, in a secret ceremony in Baghdad. Officially, "full sovereignty" was handed from the Americans to the Iraqi Interim Government. But it was clear from the start that this was sovereignty in name, not in deed. First, there is the continued military occupation: 138,000 U.S. soldiers and Marines, plus 20,000 troops from other countries and an estimated 20,000 contractors, all fully under U.S. control and with immunity from Iraqi laws. Equally debilitating, however significantly less well reported upon, is the continued political and economic occupation by the Bush administration and its corporate allies.

Koror, the Republic of Palau

Some people are very handy with video cameras, booms and editing equipment. They know how to conduct interviews and set up a photo shoot Other people never picked up a camera before they came here. But what the 22 members of the 9th Festival of Pacific Arts Media Project share is a strong desire to learn new skills as they capture the colour of the festival.

The Daily Reckoning - Celsius 9/11

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 21/07/2004 - 20:09

*** Inflation? What inflation?

*** Stocks drift lower... the dollar too. Gold holds above $400...

*** What's an MBA worth? Nothing! The genius of Christianity... and more!

The State Government has announced $1-million has been allocated to establish Queensland's first co-ordinated health program to help children with cerebral palsy.

The Queensland Government has appointed three regional Cultural Heritage coordinators across Queensland to manage the implementation of the State's new cultural heritage laws.

(QldGovSpin) Queensland Education Graduates To China

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 21/07/2004 - 19:56

Shanghai: Premier Peter Beattie handed out graduation diplomas today to Chinese students at a Queensland TAFE college 7,320 kilometres from Brisbane.



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