August 2004

The rights of many Australians with disabilities to have their say in the federal election could be restricted if access to polling booths is not improved, said Australian Greens Senate candidate for Victoria and Melbourne City Councillor David Risstrom.

(Greens-Media) Greenhouse gas blow out

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 04:28

Greens MLA Kerrie Tucker will today propose amendments to the ACT Government's greenhouse gas emissions Bill, arguing that the scheme as it stands may only deliver reduced emissions for the first two years of the eight year scheme due to the absence of an overall cap on emissions, and the impact of population growth on electricity demand.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Rod Welford said the $3 million courthouse, would provide modern facilities for the island community.

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Newsletter #65 August 25, 2004

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 04:08

It's quiz time, ladies and gentlemen, so please take out a pencil and paper and get comfortable so that we can get started. Today's topic is, believe it or not, serial killer and mass murderer trivia. The answers follow the questions. Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

Ready to go? Good. Let's get started.

**** Papua New Guinea Gossip Newsletter ****

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 04:02

Welcome to the Papua New Guinea Gossip Newsletter -- 26th Aug 2004.

The Queensland Government and the United Nations will jointly organise an International Conference on Engaging Communities, Premier Peter Beattie announced today.

(QldGovSpin) Queensland rural women are getting on Boards

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 03:04

Efforts by the Queensland Government to encourage more rural women to take on roles as leaders and decision-makers were working with a dramatic increase in the participation of women on statutory boards, advisory committees and councils, Primary Industries and Fisheries Minister Henry Palaszczuk said today.

Primary Industries & Fisheries, Henry Palaszczuk


Mr Palaszczuk said three years ago, women accounted for only 2% of the members of the rural boards and committees associated with the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F).

(Greens-Media) Cruising to bad neighbours

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 03:00

"The $450 million purchase of cruise missiles will stir fear in just the countries Australia wants as friends - Indonesia, other ASEAN nations and Papua New Guinea," Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

(CommGovSpin) Imagery available for long range missiles

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 02:57

Defence Minister Robert Hill announced today that Australia's F/A-18 Hornet fighter and AP-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft will be equipped with long range missiles capable of destroying land and sea targets.



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