September 2004

(Greens-Media) Super Indexing unfair

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21

Greens Senate Candidate for the ACT Kerrie Tucker called on the major parties to commit to ending the use of the consumer-price Index for Commonwealth Public Service superannuation.

(QldGovSpin) Grants available for national youth week 2005

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21

The Beattie Government is encouraging young Queenslanders to apply for grants totalling $70,000 to enable participation in National Youth Week 2005, Minister for Communities, Disability Services and Seniors Warren Pitt said today.

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today backed calls by health experts and consumer organisations for an interpretative declaration to protect the PBS from the effects of the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

The Beattie Government has approved more than $4.6 million over the next three years for two projects to support families and at-risk children and young people, Minister for Communities, Disabilities and Seniors Warren Pitt announced today.


Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21


Opposed by the powerful packaging industry

Family First proposes a simple solution to dramatically reduce the waster entering the streams and waterways of our countryside.

(OzyDads) Bionic Blunder Flusters Fathers

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21

Quote: Dear Editor,

On 6PR the Prime Minister said to me that he could "understand the anger of many fathers" He conceded "The family law system in Australia is not working well". and he agreed that "It does result in too many fathers being disconnected from their children".

(Greens-Media) Fremantle to unwelcome nuclear ship

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21

Federal Fremantle Greens candidate and member of the Fremantle Anti Nuclear Group, Nicola Paris, will be joined by peace and anti-nuclear activists tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at the E-Shed Markets in Fremantle to 'unwelcome' the nuclear powered USS Stennis and its battle group.

Message intended for Tasmanians.

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21

BUT it contains information of concern to the population of the world.
A mass murder took place in Tasmania back in 1996, dubbed the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM), it preceded legislation, previously drawn up, but not put before the Federal Parliament prior to the PAM. Following PAM, the legislation was passed into Law designed to disarm law abiding Australians. If this situation has any similiralities to other horrific events there is no coincidence. The following will be of great value to those around the world still capable, and practicing, independent thought. Port Arthur is an isolated place on a peninsula with one road in and out, the road is capable of being closed by an existing swing bridge.

Regards, Joe Bryant.

Taking sides between victims and executioners

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21

September 28 is a terrible date for the Palestinians. A date that marks the beginning of "uprising", Intifada, unshackled now four years ago, by the provocative inroad of Likud leader Ariel Sharon, in one of the most holy places of the Muslims: the mosque Haram al Sharif.


Submitted by Jan on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 08:40

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