October 2004

(govtwatch4) ponder these

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 31/10/2004 - 17:52

(From A Chorus Of Quotes)

Kens Comment: The occasional, published quote, may give us some idea about what is happening and where we are going (or being taken) to. This in itself is reasom for considering conspiracy claims along with both mainstream and alternate media sources before making any major decisions. Read below.

"Americans are the best entertained and the least informed people in the world."
Neil Postman, author, and professor at NYU, from Amusing Ourselves to Death, Penguin Books, 1985

Dear Colleague,

"Autonomy," although not a new word to describe the goals of some political struggles, is a term that has rocketed into the international political lexicon to describe more of them than ever before over the past ten years.

Autonomy is a cause that has come to be associated, in particular, with the indigenous rights movement in Mexico and throughout the hemisphere.

It's a demand that Narco News has worked to introduce into drug policy debates.

Sustainable Planetary Management

Submitted by Solve et Coagula on Sat, 30/10/2004 - 20:40

Sustainable Planetary Management – Patriarchally or matriarchally managed enterprises will in future be superseded by synarchally-oriented forms of organization.
Philosophers and other thinkers have speculated over the centuries as to how human societies can be helped to again attain peace and prosperity and, to this purpose, have envisaged ideal forms of government and organization. Thus, Plato wrote “The Republic”, Thomas More “Utopia”, Francis Bacon “The New Atlantis”, Campanella “The City of the Sun”. Synarchy, the concept of which goes back to Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1848-1909), is understood as a government founded on principles, in contrast to anarchy, a form of government devoid of principles. Synarchy was introduced by Rama 7400 years before Christ; he founded an empire that lasted for 3500 years. Synarchy is a form of government at the head of which a trinity attends to government affairs. The main areas of responsibility (educational system, judiciary, economy) are divided in such a manner as to enable of a harmonious working method.

I always make a promise - show me an intellectually mature and academically honest person with human kindness and love for mankind of all races and nations in his or her heart, and I can promise or guarantee that once it is explained, they would not only accept a Marxist view of the political world, but consequently agree that the world must eventually be a communist world if it is to survive.

(pnews-list) Guns, Gays and Guns

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 29/10/2004 - 19:51

(1) Guns, Gays and Guns
(2) The Second Amendment Today
(3) Repealing the Entire Twentieth Century

Do this at home: Test your microwave

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 29/10/2004 - 19:51

If you have ever wondered whether or not microwaved food is safe, here's an experiment you can do at home: Plant seeds in two pots. Water one pot with water that has been microwaved, the other with regular tap water.

Premier Peter Beattie will return home to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with the seniors community of Atherton on Thursday 9 December when he hosts one of the annual Premier's Seniors Christmas Concert series.

Kens Comment: Do NOT let him anywhere near your children!

(Altnews) Opportunity for young leaders...

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 29/10/2004 - 19:51

I have sent you this email because I thought you might know of some young people with the potential to be great leaders.

Attached is some information about the Future Leaders programme. It is for 17-25 year olds across NZ and it begins in March next year.

When Will China Revalue the Yuan?

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

Currency traders have to live with this question continually. He who is on the wrong side of that trade will get hammered, the way that those who were short the dollar and long the peso got hammered when the Mexican government floated the peso in the summer of 1976. I can remember one hard-money investment advisor who had touted investing in pesos in early 1976, because you could make a safe, guaranteed 200% per annum on your money. I also remember his "Sell!" notice, sent by first class mail, mailed a day after his clients lost up to $35,000 per futures contract. Too late, of course, as he knew when he sent it.



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