October 2004

(Altnews) The Secret of the Fallujah Resistance

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

Truth, Honesty and Justice
The Alternative to Wars, Terrorism and Politics
The Americans are preparing to re-occupy Fallujah, hoping that this will allow them to suppress the resistance to their occupation of Iraq.

Female soldiers eyed for combat

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

The Army is negotiating with civilian leaders about eliminating a women-in-combat ban so it can place mixed-sex support companies within warfighting units, starting with a division going to Iraq in January.

One Man's Faith Affects Us All

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

Dear Ken,
Throughout the turmoil of the last four years, President Bush has claimed that his faith has been his guide as he made the decisions that set the course for the United States and the world as we moved into a new era in which terrorism, not super powers are the greatest threat. Should one man's faith have this much influence over the rest of us?

Cuba announced Monday that U.S. dollars not acceptable

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

Cuba announced Monday that U.S. dollars will no longer be accepted at businesses and stores on the island starting next month in a move that will radically change the way cash transactions have been done there over the past decade.

The international concerns of the United States turn primarily toward the unfolding of the military war in Iraq and the problem of Moslem terrorism. However it should not absorb one's attention in such a way as to stop one from seeing that in Latin America, the natural rearguard of the United States, they are becoming victims of another war, that of disinformation.

When Will China Revalue the Yuan?

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

Currency traders have to live with this question continually. He who is on the wrong side of that trade will get hammered, the way that those who were short the dollar and long the peso got hammered when the Mexican government floated the peso in the summer of 1976. I can remember one hard-money investment advisor who had touted investing in pesos in early 1976, because you could make a safe, guaranteed 200% per annum on your money. I also remember his "Sell!" notice, sent by first class mail, mailed a day after his clients lost up to $35,000 per futures contract. Too late, of course, as he knew when he sent it.

Depleted Uranium Released During Canadian Plane Crash

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

Little-Known Use of DU in Commercial Jets Exposed

The recent crash of a Boeing 747 in Halifax, Canada, raises a number of questions about the use of depleted uranium (DU) in airplanes, public health concerns and the 9-11 attacks. When a Boeing 747 crashed and burned on takeoff at Halifax International Airport in Nova Scotia, Canada, on Oct. 14, an official accident investigator said the aircraft probably contained radioactive depleted uranium.

Timor-Leste Civil Society Demands a Fair Maritime Boundary

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

Civil Society Organizations in Timor-Leste have followed the negotiation process concerning Timor Sea oil, held in Canberra and Darwin, Australia, last month.

The developer of the Lake Cowal gold mine, Barrick Gold, is under fire over a gold mine it half-owns in Western Australia, where cyanide contamination has polluted groundwater and boosted salinity.

More than 800 former soldiers failed to report for duty

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 27/10/2004 - 22:36

WASHINGTON - More than 800 former soldiers have failed to comply with U.S. Army orders to get back in uniform and report for duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, the Army said Friday. That is more than one-third of the total who were told to report to a mobilization station by Oct. 17.

Associated Press

October 22, 2004

Three weeks ago the number stood at 622 amid talk that any who refused to report for duty could be declared Absent Without Leave. Refusing to report for duty normally would lead to AWOL charges, but the Army is going out of its way to resolve these cases as quietly as possible.



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