November 2004

(PNEWS) We Reap What We Sow

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 29/11/2004 - 23:45

But, maybe after-all, this is what the Democrats do reap for themselves for being stupid. After the betrayals of the Clinton administration Democrats again believed in the anti-progressive promises of John Kerry because he was supposed to be a "lesser evil," even though those less evil often disappoint us too. Nader kept trying to tell us and we didn't want to listen.

UA: Air Strikes - Batee Ilied Region

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 28/11/2004 - 02:37

VIOLATIONS: Air Strikes against Villages/ IDP Crisis in Batee Ilied region.

On 16 - 18 November 2004, the Indonesian Air Force continuously attacked with US-made warplanes, Bronco OV-10, suspected GAM bases in Batee Ilied region. 9 persons, 2 of them GAM guerillas, are reported to have been killed as the result of the randomly air-launched grenade assaults. People in the villages in the region had to flee from the area leaving their farm crops, chickens, goats and all their belongings while they were still celebrating the Ied Festival after Ramadhan. They have sought refuge in neighbouring villages, as they fear for their lives if they move further out from the area as the TNI, using the militias as informers, might suspect them of being GAM supporters.

(The Enlightened One) skull and bones collage

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 28/11/2004 - 02:15

The following is a compilation of information from various internet sources.  This information is provided for people to do their own searching.  I would not take any of it as the gospel.  But, I would be curious.

(govtwatch4) '$2 to the pound by next year'

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 28/11/2004 - 01:39

THE US dollar fell to a nine-month low against the pound yesterday, on fears that Asian economies are becoming reluctant to fund the massive American budget deficit.

(PNEWS) POINTER Not Good Financial News

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 28/11/2004 - 01:19

Any investment recommendations?

I am thinking of shifting some stock holding to secured things.


(PNEWS) POINTER Not Going to Put Up with Stolen Elections

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 28/11/2004 - 01:13

Ukrainians, new to democracy, aren't putting up with a stolen election. We have much to learn from them:

UNEP News Release 27 Nov 2004

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 28/11/2004 - 00:58

Use of Key Chemical in the Treatment of Commodity Crop Exports Spotlighted at International Ozone Layer Conference

Governments Also Agree on the Level of Methyl Bromide Exemptions for Developed World Farmers

[PNEWS] POINTER: Worse than Hitler

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 28/11/2004 - 00:43

It looks as though the U.S. war on Iraq is increasingly being read as an imperialist grab in which the killing of Iraqis is identified with previous late colonialist expansion efforts -- running against the tides of history?

Voodoo Verbotten!, SS Save GWB from Terrorist's Voodoo Threat
Voodoo Verbotten! by SS, aka: Secret Service: SS Save GWB from Terrorist's Voodoo Threat: (Chicken Dinner Anyone?)

(Distributor's note: Could Voodoo work? In the process of making chicken dinner, could we all just think "I hope GWB dies." and have it would work? GWB and the SS seem very concerned over the voodoo factor. GWB does not like to see or hear negative waves. He has negative wave T-Shirt people arrested. Doesn't want to go to the CA Legislators because one or two "heckled" him with some pesky facts the last time he visited CA. Maybe there is something to this Voodoo stuff. If it works on GWB we can go down the rest of our representatives denying Equality & Freedom for All, in essence violating their oaths to uphold the Constitution and it's protections of Americans including their own government. Fascism, Oppression, Treason and Tyranny in my opinion.)

** Papua New Guinea Gossip Newsletter **

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 27/11/2004 - 01:50

Welcome to the Papua New Guinea Gossip Newsletter -- 26th Nov 2004.



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