March 2005

International Day of the African Child June 16, 2005-03-28

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 28/03/2005 - 10:16

In Soweto, South Africa, thousands of black school children took to the streets in 1976, in a march more than half a mile long. To protest the inferior quality of their education and to demand their right to taught in their own language. Hundreds of young boys and girls were shot down: and in two weeks of protest that followed, more than a hundred people were killed and more than thousand were injured.

To honour the memory of those killed and the courage of all those who marched, the day of the African Child has been celebrated on 16 June every year since 1991, when it was first initiated by the Organization of African unity. The day draws attention to the lives of African children of today. This year’s theme is the need to ensure all children are registered at birth. (Please click on the "read more" link below)

Destruction of America…Conspiracy or Consensus?

Submitted by mftreis3 on Fri, 25/03/2005 - 07:43

Destruction of America…Conspiracy or Consensus?

The Man Made Plagues

Submitted by mftreis3 on Fri, 25/03/2005 - 07:40

This is the original series of articles published in Texas documenting the man-made nature of AIDS. I have written the book, The Man Made Plagues from these and it is now available as an E-book with LOTS of documentation. This is not intended as an advertisement, but rather a way to get the truth out. If however, you are interested in purchasing the book if you do so before April 15th you can download my second book The Destruction Of America…Conspiracy or Consensus? FREE, at
I am trying to finance the printing of hard copies through these sales. I have worked for over a year to get this book published; publishers have thwarted my efforts at every turn. Please help spread the truth, e-mail these articles far and wide.

More search engines should come up

Submitted by arnold on Thu, 17/03/2005 - 16:30
More search engines should come up now. I am tired of using the same handful. Is anyone thinking of starting a new search engine of their own?



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