May 2005

Memorial Day - For Me and Mine

Submitted by Unslaver News on Tue, 31/05/2005 - 12:47

I received a call last week from the Mayor of Phoenix asking me to participate in the Memorial Day Parade. He said that it would be a wonderful thing to see a highly-decorated combat soldier marching and showing his respect for those who gave their lives for this country.

Somehow, deep down, I knew I was going to get a call like that... but I still wasn't completely prepared. I stammered and hesitated enough that he knew something was up.

He asked me why I seemed reluctant.

I searched for words to convey what I felt and I told him, "I don't mean to offend you, but I can't in good conscience do that."

Feedback to ANN from

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 29/05/2005 - 23:51

Quote: Your site is tremendously entertaining and also provides a great service. unquote 8-)


Submitted by Editor on Sun, 29/05/2005 - 23:22

News items from missionaries working in the UNITED STATES, KENYA, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA and THE INTERNET

American use of DU

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 29/05/2005 - 22:56

American Use Of DU is "A crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time."

US ****Iraq**** Military Vets "are on DU death row, waiting to die."

Brisbane, Qld, Au: Peace Convergence needs your support

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 29/05/2005 - 22:43

Quote: Dear Friends,

On behalf of Brisbane Anti-Bases, I am writing to request your support for the upcoming Shoalwater Bay Peace Convergence.

Brisbane Anti-Bases is a not-for-profit, volunteer network of peace, anti-nuclear and anti-military campaigners. We are working with peace activists around Australia to coordinate the Shoalwater Bay Peace Convergence. The Convergence will be held over the Queen's birthday weekend (June 10-13) and is timed to coincide with the beginning of Australia- US joint military exercise: Operation Talisman Sabre 2005 (TS05). Unquote.

Even the US Marines know that the best laid plans go wrong
in the first 20 seconds and you better be prepared for anything to happen!


The Organizers of certainly understand that
concept intimately, having survived the first six weeks of operation.

Hillslope building code wont save False Cape

Submitted by Webmaster on Sat, 28/05/2005 - 15:43

FutureOfCairns has been accused of making misleading statements about False Cape in the leaflet that was delivered to the households of Cairns.  In particular, the developer’s lawyers objected to the photographic material.  Actually the biggest and meanest lawyers in Queenland have threatened to sue our pants off over the contents of that leaflet.  FutureOfCairns has investigated all of the supposed issues and found that there is no basis in any of them.  This article provides a clear demonstration that t

Parental Alienation Syndrome: New Support Forum

Submitted by Unslaver News on Fri, 27/05/2005 - 17:07 and

are pleased to announce the first support forum for all people.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is starting to find footing in the Courts.
Custodial Parents are often the culprits of this disasterous mental abuse to the children of a broken relationship.

Research by dedicated Doctors globally have shown that the damage left by the use of PAS against another parent are lifelong and can end in the child being tormented to the point of committing crime.

The Boards will be loaded with articles and original stories in the next few days – all it needs now is parents prepared to talk about their ongoing or prior problems with exspouses/partners, Departments, Police or other entities associated with Children and You – the Parent.

The Journey Through Change...

Submitted by Unslaver News on Thu, 26/05/2005 - 21:08

It was suggested that people should log their stories and let others see how they've solved problems or indeed created problems that could have been avoided, been framed, ambushed or prevented either - and why. Specifically, Oz As Is promotes exposure of the miscarriage of justice by the Department of Child Safety but as it is becoming increasingly obvious, the Dept/s are also using criminal laws to protect their actions.

If it is to stop, then the parents that have lived the experiences must tell their stories - anon writing is fine... your own words are fine - no one expects a prize winning book, but maybe, if enough heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears are displayed, the system might start to pay attention and start listening a little more carefully!

Don't bite the hand that helps you

Submitted by Unslaver News on Thu, 26/05/2005 - 19:59

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Do's and Don't's

Oz As Is, part of Oz.Unslaver.Com assists parents who are at odds with the Department of Child Safety (Primarily) with cases that are being 'square pegged, round holed'.

Accordingly, Oz As Is gets asked to help in custody fights etc. That's not what Oz is about. And it's certainly not about the promotion of violence.

Having spent nearly six months attempting to assist a couple, Oz As Is has been placed into a very bad ethical position and as such as had to withdraw all support and assistance from the case. The reasons are very simple - one parent threatened an individual associated with the case with physical violence.



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