June 2005

The Sandstone Outback

Submitted by Webmaster on Sun, 26/06/2005 - 12:40

If Cairns did not have the Great Barrier Reef or tropical rainforests, then it would still have nationally significant environmental attractions. I am talking mainly about the wilderness areas in the Great Dividing Range to the west of Cairns. A hilly wonderland lies between Mt Garnet in the south and Lakeland Downs in the north. In a pub on night, a highly intelligent dozer driver taught me that this province is has one of the most diverse geologies on earth. All of the major rock types are represented in this region and each one creates a unique and often spectacular landscape.

(honestreporting) Three Lessons from a Woman Terrorist

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 26/06/2005 - 04:04

A foiled suicide bombing brings out three media myths on Palestinian terror

Attempted suicide bomber Wafa al-Bas
Yesterday (June 20), a Palestinian woman took advantage of a humanitarian medical clearance to attempt a suicide bombing of an Israeli hospital. Israeli security caught Wafa al-Bas at a Gaza checkpoint and safely detonated the explosives that had been tied to her undergarments.



Submitted by Editor on Sun, 26/06/2005 - 03:14

The Shared Parenting Council of Australia has rejected outright the proposed Family Law Amendments released by the Attorney-General as failing fathers, failing children and failing the broader community.

June 20 Newsletter, 2005

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 25/06/2005 - 21:41

From Mister Springborg, leader of the opposition, Brisbane office.

* Beattie caught out on Patel PR stunt
* ALP Conference union power-grab gives business the jitters
* Regional sports grants rorts to be referred to CMC and Auditor-General
* Premier's false claims on Labor's Dr Death exposed

Starve the palms!

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 23/06/2005 - 17:56

Starve the palms!Yellow palms are starving palms. To many foxtail palms around Cairns are yellow and sick like this one. Many of these palms will eventually die.

Red beech

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 23/06/2005 - 17:52

Red beechThis tree has a beautiful yellow flower followed by a beautiful red seed pod that looks like a flower.. This native tree goes by the scientific name of Dillenia alata and the are in flower now, although usually the flowers are never great in number. They can be found in swampy areas, such as the boardwark at the Botanical Gardens.

Wallaby wireless tree

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 23/06/2005 - 17:49

Wallaby wireless treeThats what they used to be called but as the younger generation keep asking what a wireless is, the common name has now been changed to golden bouquet tree. This native tree can be found in swampy rainforest, near drainage lines in rocky ground. The specimen in the photo is beside the railway line in North Cairns. This tree has a scientific name of Deplanchea tetraphylla and it is in the same family as the African tulip.

Sleep of the Sunbirds

Submitted by Webmaster on Tue, 21/06/2005 - 21:05

On a weekday last week at one in the afternoon, a group of chattering sunbirds came into my yard and settled down to rest.  It was the first sunny day after a run of rainy days and the birds were clearly happy about the return of the sun.  Altogether there were about five birds including two adult males.  Sometimes they slept together, however they mostly slept by themselves or at a little distance from their fellows.  Half of the group was always active, so only 2-3 birds were asleep at any one time.  After a half-hour, the birds resumed their daily rounds.  <

The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 20/06/2005 - 02:39

And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land.
-- Ezekiel 34/29

Taping your meetings with your case worker really can pay off!
In this case it saved a man from arrest and got the case worker charged. Also got the public's attention to his case, I should contact this news writer who seems surprised that these people still don't have their kids back or even get visits with them despite their abuse charges being dismissed! Of course the complaints it stirred up will never be investigated fairly.



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