December 2005

(Altnews) Made Unemployable

Submitted by Editor on Thu, 29/12/2005 - 22:11

I have sent this letter to the Department of Employment in Canberra before Christmas, but no reply was received so I am publishing it now in endeavour to be employed again. With 3 University degrees and more than 35 years of the international experience, I was made unemployable on the Centrelink request to enforce political correctness that family is nothing and women's rights are everything.

If Cairns is to thrive in the future then we will have to think about energy supply as moving out of an oil-based economy will create a range of serious issues that have scarcely been thought of. Energy currently comes to Cairns from 3 sources: imported fuel, imported electricity and a small amount of locally generated electricity from the Stanwell Barron River power station.

One of the core beliefs of our society is that we will be able to transition to vehicles powered alternative energy sources that offer the same levels of convenience that fossil fuel powered vehicles do today. Even the Rocky Mountain Institute which is a championing the weaning of America off its fossil fuel addiction, considers that every American has a god given right to drive SUV’s or what we would call 4WDs and it is the prime mandate of the government and industry to find a new way to fuel these things.



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