January 2006


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A National Training and Networking Event Hosted by the Arizona Fathers & Families Coaltion, Inc.

(Feedback to ANN) The S.C.R.U.F.F Manifesto

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Society for Cutting and Ripping Up Feminist Fantasies.
The dawn of masculism and masculist ideology!

Feminism is a social experiment that has failed; it's time to move on.  Feminists will read this Manifesto with horror and will want to starve the nut who wrote it, but here goes.  

The following document is about 30 years overdue and needs to be published globally to strike a balance with radical femimist lunacy.

Ken's Comment: I thought it was kinda radical but what the hell


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Quote: There are other reasons for the failure of multiculturalism - the speed of the changes and the consequent swamping of our own brand of nationalism.....

So what are the answers? What strategies and tactics can we adopt? The "Australian Rules" of course. Unquote

The famous Emergency Action Z card has been reissued andnone of the issues that concern FutureOfCairns have been addressed.  FutureOfCairns is concerned that the stormsurge evacuation procedures have not been thought through or are reallynon-existent.  Why is the evacuation planstill a secret?  This is reallycrazy.  Every time someone goes on a reefboat, they are informed of where the life rafts are in case the boatsinks.  Even when attending a seminar ina building, the first thing th

At least the Police Minister has responded.  Generally most StateGovernment departments do respond when issues are raised.  That isso different to Cairns City Council which has not responded to any ofthe issues raised on this site!

The Babinda bus crash made the front page of the Cairns Post – themajor regional paper and was also the subject of the editorial. The editorial was so far off the mark that it was quite unhelpful topublic understanding of this issue.  The editorial called for more driver training so that drivers couldmake split second decisions and avert tragedy.  What we really need isless heroics rather than more heroics. 

Fears realised - there has just been a bus crash

Submitted by Webmaster on Sun, 15/01/2006 - 17:26

Less than 3 hours after the previous post was penned, a tour bus lost control and rolled near Babinda (60km south of Cairns).  It is similar to the scene that I was afraid of becoming part of.  Thetype of tour operation appears very similar to the type of tour that Iused to be involved in right down to the type of bus.  It would beunfair to comment on whether any of the circumstances that previouslyconcerned me applied in this case - I do not know any of the detailsand the matter is a police matter.  I wish all of those affected aspeedy recovery.  I hope the authoritie

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End of the Falling Coconut? (cover article - 3 Jan 06)

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In the Solomon Islands, falling coconuts are the leading cause of injuries with several thousand causalities occurring every year. Injuries can include fractures of the skull and spine. Even in Australia, falling coconuts create enough risk that a large industry has arisen to deal with it. Perhaps between 5-10 people in Cairns receive a significant regular income from denutting coconut palms. The traditional method of removing nuts is to climb the palm using spikes (attachments to work boots) and a strap. Any mature nuts are removed and also the lower fronds are also removed.

Quote: Know your rights before you talk to anyone from CPS/DCF or let them in your house, they won't tell you your rights. CPS/DCF can't do anything without your consent, demand a warrant and speak with an attorney first before speaking with anyone from CPS/DCF, it could cost you your children." (unquote)



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