May 2006

The Australian Gender Report for May 2006.

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 31/05/2006 - 22:38

Compiled by Alan Barron, Convenor, The Institute of Men's Studies, Grovedale Victoria Australia.

Disclaimer: The opinions of writers in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect that of the Institute. As a general policy we seek to publish articles which are pro-family, and which uphold traditional/Christian values, and are also respectful of others opinions and beliefs.

The hillsides at Redlynch are getting greener

Submitted by Webmaster on Tue, 30/05/2006 - 13:28

Twelve years ago, I was heavily involved in the rehabilitationof the hill slopes are creek systems around Cairns. At the time, I riedto make a comprehensive photographic record of the revegetationprojects and degraded areas around Cairns so that the progress of therevegetation projects could be monitored over time. Two years ago, Itook a new series of photos from the same places where the originalseries were taken. However until now I have been unable to post theresults, as it was not possible to precisely overlay the newphotography on the old.

On Line Opinion - Australia - 29 May 2006

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 30/05/2006 - 00:12

Whats it worth?

On Line Opinion is unique in the world - an eJournal that really is at the centre of the national conversation, that is impartial, fair and open to new ideas. So what is it worth to you? We reckon theres as much or more daily op-ed value here as in any of the broadsheets. Youd think it would be worth at least one-fifth the cover-price of the cheapest of them? Wouldnt you?

Is Future of Cairns worth the Effort? - 14 May 2006

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 26/05/2006 - 10:17

Future of Cairns is a web site and a small community group whichtackles the shady aspects of the development scene which arethreatening the natural beauty and lifestyle of Cairns. We steer clearof commenting on most developments as development is normal andlegitimate and we concentrate our comments on improperly conceiveddevelopments that are not sustainable or which cause great harm to thenatural or civic environments.

Review of Botanic Gardens Environmental Assessment

Submitted by Webmaster on Mon, 15/05/2006 - 13:03

The primary reason for Future of Cairns interest in the Flecker(Cairns) Botanic Gardens redevelopment is to ensure that Cairns CityCouncil is accountable rather than being an objection to the plan perse’. One year ago the CCC attempted to ram through a 30 million dollarproject without providing justification for the project and without anyimpact assessment and with the most pathetic public consultation everseen for a project of this scale. That kind of behaviour is simplyunacceptable from any level of government in this century.

If I had to point to the change that has personally affected me the most in the last few years, it would the loss of my refuges. My refuges are my home and a selection of other places where I can go to get away from things for a while. Today in my own home, I am constantly disturbed by noise nuisance arising mainly from air conditioners on adjacent houses. See below for a diagram of my place - I have 3 of them outside my bedroom!

(Business Week) A New World Economy

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 08/05/2006 - 03:35

The balance of power will shift to the East as China and India evolve
It may not top the must-see list of many tourists. But to appreciate Shanghai's ambitious view of its future, there is no better place than the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, a glass-and-metal structure across from People's Square. The highlight is a scale model bigger than a basketball court of the entire metropolis -- every skyscraper, house, lane, factory, dock, and patch of green space -- in the year .

The United Nations continues advancing a global taxation agenda . Americans who believe in national sovereignty are indebted to Clifford Kincaid for his diligent monitoring of an important issue that "mainstream" news media long has ignored. The quotations which Kincaid has compiled in a publication issued recently by his organization, America's Survival, A CHRONOLOGY: UN CAMPAIGN FOR GLOBAL TAXES ON VERGE OF SUCCESS, clearly demonstrate the deepest desire of UN bureaucrats " to pick our pockets. Wasting the regular contributions made by our Government and others is simply not sufficient to sate their appetite for money.

(Newsmax) Local 'Spies' in U.S. Securing Homeland

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 08/05/2006 - 02:13

Since 9/11 the federal government has poured half a billion dollars into building up local and state police intelligence units, with little oversight and the result has often been questionable spying on American citizens.

Police Minister Judy Spence leaves tomorrow on a two-week trip to the USA and the United Kingdom, where she will be briefed on the latest in global counter terrorism techniques, tools and strategies.



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