June 2007

Aww… go home, Yankee - go home!

Submitted by Callemity on Sat, 30/06/2007 - 13:20

SYDNEY - The United States will pursue free trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific region if talks on a global trade deal fail, US trade envoy Susan Schwab said in an interview published Friday.[ elequity.com - doesn’t the US have anything it can rebuild or revamp or even invent at home? ]Speaking ahead of an APEC [...]

Thanks for Dick Cheney

Submitted by Callemity on Sat, 30/06/2007 - 12:46

Thanks for Dick CheneyLockerbie: The awkward questionsThe UK: Manu-fractured Mayhem!This is an act of war against IranYou think?D’Oh: “This is a skilled and determined enemy. He’s ruthless.He’s got a thirst for blood like I’ve never seen anywhere in my life,”Life Among Dim and Brutal GiantsDoesn’t Putin Have a Point?Fliers Impeach Cheney and Bush Print-n-Pass FliersThe Truth [...]

Civilians volunteer for Iraq duty to help troops

Submitted by Callemity on Sat, 30/06/2007 - 12:42

In October 2005, Brenda Taylor-Brooks landed in Iraq wearing her first pair of boots, her first helmet and her first rucksack.When she walked out of her tent, her Army-issued uniform pants fell to her ankles, right in front of soldiers who gathered to welcome her. The embarrassed grandmother with no military experience said she bent [...]

CAN3 hits the road at last

Submitted by Webmaster on Sat, 30/06/2007 - 08:45
Photo: The CANC1 crew and supporters on the outskirts of Melbourne, 20 June 1998 (photo: Heidi) Cassie cycling down the Bruce Hwy from Calliope to Benaraby,

My first touring experience

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 29/06/2007 - 21:05

Well this is my first touring experience and I must say that I'm totally enjoying the experience.  Touring is something that I've entertained for a few years however I've always wanted someone to hold my hand as I've no idea around maintenance of a bicycle and would appreciate someone sharing the "tricks to the trade".

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Government Not Interested In Child Abuse

Submitted by Marilyn Rayn on Fri, 29/06/2007 - 17:46

I am writing this to voice my concerns.I have a 6 year old daughter which I fear has and still is being sexually abuse.I have notified the following departments which seems to do nothing more then wash their hands of this matter.

Video: 911 Accountability

Submitted by Callemity on Fri, 29/06/2007 - 13:40


MOSCOW : Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez railed against the United States at the start of a visit to Russia on Thursday and called on Moscow to help lead a global revolution against Washington.Accusing the United States of “imposing tyranny,” he said a “revolution” was under way against US global power and that Russia was a [...]

Former Australian Tax Office auditor Chris Seage writes:There must be an election coming up. You can tell by the fine-spun language in public commentary used by public-service mandarins to describe their state of the union. Take Commissioner of Taxation Michael D’Ascenzo as an example. Last week, he gave a speech to chief financial officers in [...]

 Bob Gosford writes:Pat Turner is a widely respected Arrente woman renowned as a straight talker. Speaking on behalf of her countrymen and women, she was certainly talking straight when she described Howard’s coup as nothing more than “a land grab”.“We believe that this Government is using child s-xual abuse as the Trojan horse to resume [...]



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