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US out of Iraq, hands off Iran

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// by the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

Anti-imperialist Camp Editor's note: We do not believe that there is a strong rivalry between the US and its European allies especially not on Iran. The difference between the US and the EU is the same as between the US neo-cons and US realists. It is a question of differences over how to keep imperialist power best in place.

Stop the war!
No sanctions, no bombs against Iran
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The US has, directly after its occupation of Iraq, been building up several military bases close to the Iranian border.

The US has made repeated demands on the Iranian government to accommodate to US policies concerning the "new American order". Replacement of the regimes in Iraq, North Korea and Iran is, and has been, part of the Bush doctrine. Right now, as the US has failed in Iraq, its war-mongering against Iran is on the increase. The US has now dispatched two aircraft carriers to the Gulf of Persia and placed 50 warships just off the Iranian coast.

Profile of speakers Chianciano conference

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- by Anti-imperialist Camp

At the 'International Conference With the Resistance', for a Just Peace in the Middle East to be held at Chianciano Terme, Province of Siena, Italy Saturday 24 / Sunday 25 March, 2007

was born in Gaza in 1963. Currently he is assistant professor for political science at the Islamic university of Gaza. He studied in Gaza, Cairo and Bradford, England, where he also graduated. His PhD thesis treat the Israeli settlements in Jerusalem from 1948 to 2002.

G8 Group photo courtesy Richard Lewis/Crown- by Anti-imperialist Camp

Stop occupation and war

In June 2007, the eight biggest capitalist powers will meet in Germany, in the city of Heiligendamm. These G8 meetings have assumed a symbolic character representing the imperialist policy all over the world: While the world's mightiest are enjoying their cheerful get togethers, dinner parties and cocktails, their armies are bombing innocent people, fighting repressing and torturing civilians, crushing legitimate resistance elsewhere in the world. Their corporations are looting resources belonging to other peoples in other parts of the world, their companies are exploiting the world's poor and undefended to satisfy their masters' greed. Their diplomacies are pressurizing sovereign countries in order to make them subjugate under imperialist interests.

Gathering of Arab Resistance forces in Europe

Submitted by Anti-imperialis... on Thu, 15/02/2007 - 08:51

 Iraqi woman covering face-by Anti-imperialist Camp

1) Iraqi govt to hang three young women for resistance
2) Gathering of Arab Resistance forces in Europe
3) Lebanese stalemate
4) Serbian people remains defiant to West


1) Iraqi govt to hang three young women for resistance
Lawyer calls for solidarity action

The Supreme Iraqi Criminal Court sentenced three women to death by hanging on charges of complicity in the murder of Iraqi policemen loyal to the occupation and participation in what the Court considered to be terrorism. According to a source from within the Iraqi Lawyers Union the three women are:

-by Anti-imperialist Camp

1) Civil war in Iraq: we continue to support the resistance
2) Mideast Peace Resistance conference convened for March 24/25
3) Good news from Somalia: occupations force under attack
4) Lebanon: two governments soon?

1) Civil war in Iraq: we continue to support the resistance

We speak plain language: the Sunni-Shiite conflict in Iraq has grown in the course of the last six months into a sort of civil war.

It helps little, to simply argue against this position by pointing out that all this has been caused by the machinations of the USA and of Zionism - as many of our friends in the resistance like to do. Surely the USA contributed substantially to this split, without however carrying this on their banner from the outset. For the civil war does not indicate by any means the success of Washington, but its total fiasco, its complete loss of control of the situation.

EU continues aggression on Palestinians

Submitted by Anti-imperialis... on Mon, 01/05/2006 - 09:12

EU continues to negates visa for Hamas representatives
But they can subdue the resistance nor impede dialogue

Salah Bardawil, spokesman of Hamas, and Mohamed Rantisi, brother of the killed leader of Hamas, were scheduled for a European tour including France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

But despite promising signals at the beginning France denied to grant visa. Doing so they just applied an European policy decision to isolate the elected representation of the Palestinian people. The EU is therefore liable for and implicated in the U.S.-Zionist crimes against the starving Palestinian people. This episode shows once and again that Europe is nothing but a slave of U.S. imperialism forming a section of the U.S. empire.

Because we live in a multiform crisis period of the system and the totality of gains and rights, the very life of workers and peoples across the planet have been targeted by an increasingly fierce assault from imperialism and capital. Because "another world is not possible" through the "centre-left" scenarios and the reformist concepts, prevailing in the various Forums.

Not just one hooded man, but hundreds

Submitted by Anti-imperialis... on Thu, 23/03/2006 - 06:08

Haj Ali: The truth to this is that I was not the only one who was tortured in this barbaric fashion. Almost all prisoners in the part of the prison that I was familiar with were tortured in this way. That doesn't change the fact that I was one of those who had to stand on that cardboard box, with a black hood placed over my head and electrical wires attached to my hands. As an Iraqi person who has gone through Abu Ghraib, I represent all those tormented people.



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