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Camelot project's interview with Clifford Stone

Submitted by Jean Hudon on Tue, 24/04/2007 - 08:10

"I hope that many of your readers take the time to watch and to listen to the video of the Camelot project's interview with Clifford Stone. A 52 minutes interview with this magnificent being, a humanist and wise man of great compassion. He is a recognized interface between extraterrestrials and humans and totally dedicated to the truth that we are all one. Thank you for informing us about this site. With love and gratefulness for your dedication."

— Birgitta Storjohann ( b.storjohann @ )

Read more to view the video.

The Cornucopia Series #5

Submitted by Jean Hudon on Fri, 13/04/2007 - 09:18

1. 9/11 Truth Reaches The Tipping Point
2. The Coming Shakedown of the US and Iran
3. Emissions Already Affecting Climate, Report Says
4. April 3 Message from Matthew
5. Project Censored: Real News April 2007
6. George Bush's Land Mine: If the Iraqi People Get Revenue Sharing, They Lose Their Oil to Exxon
7. Mobile phones: an inconvenient truth & FREIBURGER APPEAL
8. The War On Consciousness
9. A Chemtrail Aerosol Breakthrough?
10. Transform Your Life and Our World: Three Simple Yet Powerful Principles
11. A sacred right
12. Project Censored Announces On-Line Voting for Junk Food and News Abuse Stories of the Year



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