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Desley Boyle Loses Plot in Parliament

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Wed, 22/08/2007 - 09:48

Legislative Assembly 2625
Tuesday 21 Aug 2007

Ms BOYLE: On investigation if it is discovered that officers in my department have in any way performed less than adequately in protecting those children, indeed it should then be a matter for the opposition and other members of this parliament to question me closely and to then express their dismay about poor performance. However, I say to opposition members and all other members that if they wish to ask a question that is relevant to any of the children in care in Queensland, for the sake of those children they should first ask it privately.

DoCS NOT to Delay Court Proceedings

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Fri, 17/08/2007 - 10:54

“For legal practitioners to delay court proceedings to the benefit of alleged pedophiles and child abusers is abhorrent and I commend Judge Helen O’Sullivan on behalf of child victims for her recent stand against these avoidable delays.

“The Department of Child Safety and the Police do as much as they can to bring offenders before the courts, and it is important for the justice system to recognise the emotional impacts delays can have on child victims.

Question Time in Parliament (DoCS) - July

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Fri, 17/08/2007 - 10:47

"In Parliament today the Minister used the excuse of there being a shortage of foster carers which is already well documented," she said.

"It is common knowledge there is a shortage of foster carers and experienced staff. Whilst the majority do a wonderful job there are some who do not, which raises the question of whether the children would be better off with their own parents if they were given intensive, regular support."


Coalition Calls for Foster Care Review

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Fri, 10/08/2007 - 20:52

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Coalition Shadow Minister for Child Safety Jann Stuckey is urging the Minister for Child Safety review all cases where there are more than three children living in a foster home.

In Parliament today, Ms Stuckey highlighted inadequacies within the existing Child Safety legislation that allows foster carers to have unlimited numbers of children under their roof.

She cited one case where 13 children and two adults were living in a four bedroom home.

Hansard Transcripts

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Wed, 01/08/2007 - 15:11

11 July 2007
Estimates Committee B—Child Safety 11 Jul 2007

In Attendance
Hon. D Boyle, Minister for Child Safety
Mr G Carlyon, Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister for Child Safety

Department of Child Safety
Ms N Deeth, Director-General (Acting)
Ms K Mandla, Deputy Director-General (Acting)
Ms D Mulkerin, Executive Director, Child Safety Services Division Committee

For a copy of this transcript, click on link below, 'search' for 'Dept. Child Safety' in Hansards

Children Deserve Higher Priority

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Wed, 01/08/2007 - 14:18

Jann Stuckey MP, Shadow Minister for Child Safety has today called for Child Affected Hearings to be given priority and for delays to be avoided.

“It is becoming obvious the child protection system is not adequately supporting children who have already suffered extreme trauma at the hands of abusers.
“I have recently had complaints to my office about children who were sexually abused being strung along and having to wait out unnecessary delays before their hearing.

Government Neglects Children’s Health

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Wed, 01/08/2007 - 14:10

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Shadow Minister for Child Safety and former paediatric nurse, Jann Stuckey MP has today criticised the Government for failing the wellbeing of children in its care by not supplying Child Health Passports. These passports track inherent health problems of children at risk and have to date revealed some serious medical problems.

Government Drags Feet on Child Protection Reform

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Wed, 01/08/2007 - 13:54

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A Crime and Misconduct Commission report into child safety has revealed the Beattie Government has failed to fully implement a raft of child protection measures tabled almost three years ago.

Queensland Coalition Shadow Minister for Child Safety Jann Stuckey said details from the CMC report, released today, showed the Department of Child Safety had failed to implement reforms in some of the portfolio’s most crucial areas.

Lies in the Witness Box...

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Sun, 15/07/2007 - 15:40

I have just come from 4 days of representing myself in my child's case. It isn't completely over, however I can tell you the DoCS workers had trouble remembering everything that was important, but when they did remember something - they remembered it well.

That normally shows a LIE. Something they have not perfected yet. They have only gotten away with what they have because there's been no one behind us or to witness or for us to reach out for help from.

CMC Go Ahead with DoCS Royal Commission Inquiry

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Fri, 13/07/2007 - 13:56

Another Quick Update....>

The CMC have accepted an application for a Royal Commission Inquiry into DoCS, Qld (15th June, 2007) and are now preparing to go ahead with the Inquiry.

Listen for national news items very soon.

Soon, our cases will no longer be individual!




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