Peace Convergence June 18-24 Newsletter 15

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Peace Convergence June 18-24
Join us at Shoalwater Bay for a week of community action against war and war games.
Talisman Sabre is set to start at the end of May for six weeks! The live firing and field component begins June 19. Bookings have started for camping at the caravan park in Yeppoon in preparation for the planned activities and actions during the Peace Convergence. If you are planning to come to Shoalwater for the Peace Convergence please book accommodation now.

antinuclear petition handed over

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A million Europeans against nuclear powerOn March 23, just two days before the 50th birthday of the Euratom Treaty (the EU Treaty for promotion of nuclear power in Europe) more than 630.000 signatures were handed over to EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs in Brussels. It was a great event with activists from several European countries dressed in radiation protection suits. See photos on the website

The Cornucopia Series #5

Submitted by Jean Hudon on Fri, 13/04/2007 - 09:18

1. 9/11 Truth Reaches The Tipping Point
2. The Coming Shakedown of the US and Iran
3. Emissions Already Affecting Climate, Report Says
4. April 3 Message from Matthew
5. Project Censored: Real News April 2007
6. George Bush's Land Mine: If the Iraqi People Get Revenue Sharing, They Lose Their Oil to Exxon
7. Mobile phones: an inconvenient truth & FREIBURGER APPEAL
8. The War On Consciousness
9. A Chemtrail Aerosol Breakthrough?
10. Transform Your Life and Our World: Three Simple Yet Powerful Principles
11. A sacred right
12. Project Censored Announces On-Line Voting for Junk Food and News Abuse Stories of the Year

Help Close Guantanamo Bay Prison Forever!

Submitted by avaaz on Wed, 04/04/2007 - 17:55

-by Avaaz

Adel Hamad grew up in a small village in Sudan. Through hard work, he became a schoolteacher and hospital assistant. To support his family he took a better job at a community hospital in Afghanistan. Then late one night he was torn from his bed and sent to hell, as Guantanamo Bay Detainee #940.

Adel Hamad has had no trial. He has seen no family members for four years. Even US military officers reviewing his situation have called his detention "unconscionable." But he and nearly 400 other prisoners are still trapped at Guantanamo. Last week US Defense Secretary Robert Gates finally said Guantanamo should be closed. President Bush's advisors are split down the middle on this issue -- a massive global outcry could tip the balance, and push Bush to close Guantanamo forever. Click below to sign the Close Guantanamo petition, and we'll run ads next week in major US papers announcing the number of signatures:

US out of Iraq, hands off Iran

Submitted by Anti-imperialis... on Thu, 22/03/2007 - 06:14

// by the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

Anti-imperialist Camp Editor's note: We do not believe that there is a strong rivalry between the US and its European allies especially not on Iran. The difference between the US and the EU is the same as between the US neo-cons and US realists. It is a question of differences over how to keep imperialist power best in place.

Stop the war!
No sanctions, no bombs against Iran
(Ed: Photo courtesy of )

The US has, directly after its occupation of Iraq, been building up several military bases close to the Iranian border.

The US has made repeated demands on the Iranian government to accommodate to US policies concerning the "new American order". Replacement of the regimes in Iraq, North Korea and Iran is, and has been, part of the Bush doctrine. Right now, as the US has failed in Iraq, its war-mongering against Iran is on the increase. The US has now dispatched two aircraft carriers to the Gulf of Persia and placed 50 warships just off the Iranian coast.

Profile of speakers Chianciano conference

Submitted by Anti-imperialis... on Thu, 22/03/2007 - 05:56

- by Anti-imperialist Camp

At the 'International Conference With the Resistance', for a Just Peace in the Middle East to be held at Chianciano Terme, Province of Siena, Italy Saturday 24 / Sunday 25 March, 2007

was born in Gaza in 1963. Currently he is assistant professor for political science at the Islamic university of Gaza. He studied in Gaza, Cairo and Bradford, England, where he also graduated. His PhD thesis treat the Israeli settlements in Jerusalem from 1948 to 2002.

The Occupation of Washington Begins

Submitted by Troops Out Now ... on Tue, 06/03/2007 - 09:46

- by Troops Out Now Coalition

Encampment to Stop the War March 12-19+

Over the past few days, response to the call for an Encampment to Stop the War has been overwhelming. Students, antiwar activists, veterans, military families, community organizers, and trade unionists are coming from all over the U.S. to join the Encampment.

Soon, Congress will be asked to vote on President Bush' request for another $245 billion for the war in Iraq. This will be, in effect, a vote to continue the war. The current Congress was elected with a mandate to stop the war, and the antiwar movement must be in DC to hold them accountable for their actions.

- by Rettet den Regenwald

Next week, on 8th and 9th March,the European Union's Heads of States will be meeting and decide whether to endorse or reject high bio-fuel targets. This is our last chance to ask Europe's political leaders to stand up against car manufacturers and the GM/bio-tech industry, and to say no to bio-fuel targets.

-by Arthur Cristian

Last Wednesday, the day after the 2nd Eureka Stockade 21st February 2007, and the sheriff/security guards took possession of Fiona's home, we had a Sydney North Shore family who came out of the blue (the first one in 7 months) and wanted to buy the house for $900k (for the past 7 months or so all other offers were around the $800k mark leaving us with hardly any money due to bank & legal fees etc & besides we were determined to hold on to the house at all cost but we failed with limited man power at last weeks stockade). We all agreed on the $900k deal & contracts were to be exchanged by this coming Friday 2nd March 2007. This is why we have not said anything since last week until this deal was behind us.

The Death Star Returns to the Land of the Rising Sun

Submitted by Paul Watson on Sun, 25/02/2007 - 23:48

Nisshin Maru under attack- photo courtesy ABC- by Paul Watson

No More Whales Will Die This Season

Finally, the burnt-out hulk of the whale killing floating factory called the Nisshin Maru is limping out of the Antarctic treaty zone, the stench of rotten whale meat lingering in its wake. The whale-killing fleet is now slowly heading north to Japan. There will be no stopping in New Zealand for repairs. A stop there will result in legal issues that could tie the ship up for years and the whale meat onboard would be confiscated.

The whaling fleet has a long way to go to reach Tokyo. The crew will be mourning the loss of one crewmember and remembering the opposition by Sea Shepherd that left their decks reeking of rotten butter and awash with the blood of the whales caused by Sea Shepherd crew sealing the bloody flensing deck outlet drains. It is a ship that reeks of death, burnt flesh, gore, and blood. It looks and smells like the Death Star that it is.



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