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300,000+NZ-Kids without their own Dad last night
is 300,000 TOOOO MANY
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Our leaders skuttle our kids futures

Submitted by anne goddard on Wed, 28/03/2007 - 17:04

Bob Brown (Green's) motion endorsing the Australian Council of Trade Unions' action plan on climate change was voted down by Labor and the Coalition in the Senate on Monday the 26th of March.

I am particularly disappointed in the Democrats (who say that they are in power to help keep the B's honest), who abstained from voting.

The ACTU's motion reads:
That the Senate endorses the climate change action plan proposed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, including its call for:

  1. government subsidies for energy efficient retrofitting of buildings;
  2. mandatory green building codes
  3. large-scale reuse of treated effluent
  4. improved vehicle fuel efficiency
  5. greater use of shipping to cute greenhouse gas emissions
  6. the right to reject work which harms the environment
  7. a mandatory renewable energy target of 10 per
    cent, as called for by the Greens in 2002


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 26/03/2007 - 18:02

(Editor: On 30/April2007 at 10:15 the TITLE of this post has been changed on request of a Mr Paul Turner claiming to be a representative of the Queensland Department of Justice. Mr Turner advised that a party named in this post has no issue with the content of this post other than with the original title.)
(Editor: On 03/April/2009 at 14:00 the NAME and ADDRESS of the author of the letter below have been removed on request of a person claiming to be that person and using a hotmail e-mail address.)

This e-mail is being sent to:
The Magistrate
The United Nations
The Governor General

- by Christian Dahl
External Relations Officer
Child Support Agency

National President, Barry Williams, Lone Fathers Association of Australia Inc., will be visiting Cairns and leading a FREE public information seminar this Thursday on major reforms to both the Child Support Scheme and Family Law.

This FREE seminar is being held at the Cairns RSL, 115 The Esplanade, on Thursday 8 March 2007, commencing with morning tea at 9.30 am and concluding at approx. 12.30 pm.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) will be represented by Ms Judy Paton, Service Delivery Manager and Regional Director, based in Townsville, in addition to a senior Cairns based officer who will present an audio-visual presentation highlighting the FAMILY LAW AMENDMENT (SHARED PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY) ACT 2006 (NO. 46, 2006) passed in the Federal Parliament in 2006.

The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson

Submitted by Sheldon Johnson on Sat, 03/03/2007 - 05:56

My family desperately needs your help! Please read our story and sign the petitions at the bottom of the page to free Geneva & force an investigation into this tragic matter.

An order of removal was signed to remove my niece Geneva Johnson from the premises of her grandmother Annie Lackey on 2/2/05 base on a lie by an ACS case worker (Angelica Reyes). It was determined that an emergency removal was necessary because the case worker claimed that her grandmother exhibits bizarre behavior; and the absence of furniture in her home with the exception of a dresser and a few chairs.

Child Abuse Blessed by the Family Welfare

Submitted by parsons on Tue, 27/02/2007 - 16:43

I am the father of a 10year old boy. I am currently moving around (on the run) with my son to avoid the court order to return him to the abusive and violent situation he has come from. I am so desperate for help, I have exhausted all legal avenues and I am in major debt with court and lawyer fees.

- by Hans and Christine Eisenman
This just steams my milk, let me tell you.

If you feel as enraged about this situation as I did after watching this video, click here to take some action.

Otago Daily Times - Paedophile hysteria

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 01/10/2006 - 13:25

The practice of paedophilia has to be one of the vilest of crimes, and adults who prey on the vulnerability of children must be subject to harsh responses. But, while society has to be aware of risks and be wary, it has been obvious for some time that common sense was abandoned in the aftermath of the infamous Christchurch Civic Creche case and the conviction of Peter Ellis in 1993. Men became cautious of making voluntary contributions to youth and children’s groups in the face of potential suspicion, and they all but deserted pre-school jobs. Many sensible, sensitive men refused to put themselves through the grief and danger of accusation, to the extent that only 1% of pre-school educators today are male and male primary school teachers are in short supply.

( Blue Ribbon Against Child Abuse

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 06/09/2006 - 00:02


My name is Sarah
I am but three,
My eyes are swollen
I cannot see,

Rising male unemployment a national disgrace

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 17/04/2006 - 22:56

Comment - Alan Barron, convenor,
What the below figures reveal is that all affirmative action program for women be immediately disbanded and that the Office of Women's Affairs also be retired. It is men who are being left behind in the employment stakes. This is partly due to males being marginalized in our educational system and pushed aside by quotes for women at tertiary institutions.

Enough is enough. It's time men pulled their collective heads out of the sand and demanded justice for themselves. Women are taking over the workplace as the nation's family life begins to unravel. What does this nation need? It needs more working women like it needs a hole in the head. If we are to arrest rising male unemployment levels, the declining birthrate and rising divorce rate, then ways must be found to entice women out of the workplace and back into the home.



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