Banks Operate According To The Law Of The Jungle

Submitted by Evan Jones on Tue, 27/03/2007 - 08:57

University of Sydney Shield- by Dr Evan Jones

At present in Australia, banks are effectively above the law with respect to small business customers. Banks operate, self-consciously, in the realm of the law of the jungle. The public image of the Australian regulatory system is that the rule of law prevails. The ACCC, ASIC, APRA, and so on, are the public face of this public image. The public image in this domain is a lie.

Most victims, good law-abiding citizens, have lapsed into passivity, which suits the banks and the regulatory agencies perfectly. The less fuss the better. The victims have been reduced to idleness (when not futilely seeking assistance from politicians and regulators), supported by relatives, and/or are on pensions at public expense. Family breakdown is par for the course. Suicide is not unknown, especially amongst farmers (drought is a contributing factor to depression in the bush, but bank thuggery is also a contributing factor, well known to those affected but suppressed by the media and rendered oblivious to those in authority).

Frankly, one can understand if bank victims took the view that they could achieve better justice if they themselves took the law into their own hands and operated according to the same law of the jungle.

-by Arthur Cristian

Last Wednesday, the day after the 2nd Eureka Stockade 21st February 2007, and the sheriff/security guards took possession of Fiona's home, we had a Sydney North Shore family who came out of the blue (the first one in 7 months) and wanted to buy the house for $900k (for the past 7 months or so all other offers were around the $800k mark leaving us with hardly any money due to bank & legal fees etc & besides we were determined to hold on to the house at all cost but we failed with limited man power at last weeks stockade). We all agreed on the $900k deal & contracts were to be exchanged by this coming Friday 2nd March 2007. This is why we have not said anything since last week until this deal was behind us.

Cristian Family- by Arthur Cristian

The Cristian family - Arthur, Fiona, Jasmin, Emma and Frances - have found themselves caught up in a NSW Supreme Court drama over a home loan with Macquarie Banks intermeddling interloping interfering impostors (agents), some known as Macquarie Mortgages Pty Limited and Perpetual Limited ACN 000 431 827.

In a dispute that is now entering its second year, Fiona, a determined NSW Southern Highlands Suburban Housewife, operating on an oily rag and without legal representation, has continued to defend her fortress with sticks and stones against a multi-billion dollar banking giant who covets it.

"For those who understand legal terms, they mendaciously and wilfully created a false perjured brief which they submitted in collusion to the court as evidence against us. It was seriocomic in that it was laughable in its ridiculousness but deadly serious and dangerous at the same time. They conjured up an imaginary legal profess contract based on their poetic, artistic licence.

- by Stephen Lendman

Thom Hartmann is a multifaceted man. He's a well-known host of three nationally syndicated radio talk shows and a Project Censored award winner for his writing on the issue of corporate personhood. He also began seven companies, worked in international relief, founded schools and hospitals on four continents, and has expertise in childhood psychological disorders. Along the way he found time to write 19 books including his newest one just out in early September dramatically titled Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class. It's an account of how our government lost its moorings and is acting against the interests of the people it was elected to serve. The results are disturbing as the book shows how the US middle class is shrinking, democracy is ebbing, and both are on life support and threatened with extinction by an omnipotent corporatocracy wanting to destroy the system of government on which the nation was founded and is codified in the letter and spirit o f the Constitution.

Stealing your country! Call for a revolution!

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 25/08/2006 - 09:51

"It is well enough that people of the nation (ditto Australia) do not understand our Banking and Monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a Revolution before tomorrow morning."
- Henry Ford

Stealing your country.
by Terry Worthing

Have you ever wondered how it is that your country is being taken over by international capitalism? Do you ever wonder about the methodology, the how and the why? Have you even realised that Australia is controlled by International Government, or same thing, that International Capitalism is the power that presently decides world direction?

(Business Week) A New World Economy

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 08/05/2006 - 03:35

The balance of power will shift to the East as China and India evolve
It may not top the must-see list of many tourists. But to appreciate Shanghai's ambitious view of its future, there is no better place than the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, a glass-and-metal structure across from People's Square. The highlight is a scale model bigger than a basketball court of the entire metropolis -- every skyscraper, house, lane, factory, dock, and patch of green space -- in the year .

The United Nations continues advancing a global taxation agenda . Americans who believe in national sovereignty are indebted to Clifford Kincaid for his diligent monitoring of an important issue that "mainstream" news media long has ignored. The quotations which Kincaid has compiled in a publication issued recently by his organization, America's Survival, A CHRONOLOGY: UN CAMPAIGN FOR GLOBAL TAXES ON VERGE OF SUCCESS, clearly demonstrate the deepest desire of UN bureaucrats " to pick our pockets. Wasting the regular contributions made by our Government and others is simply not sufficient to sate their appetite for money.

One Small Town's Battle Against China-Mart

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 07/05/2006 - 16:56

One year ago, I wrote two articles here on which were based on an MSNBC investigation of Wal-Mart's business. Incredibly, even MSNBC did an honest documentary even though everyone I spoke to never watched it. Perhaps to most people, they think these documentaries are like watching CSPAN. The articles last year covered how they used various techniques to expand their chain and how bad they treat their employees. [1]

(QldGovSpin) Bligh welcomes more Boeing Scramjet millions

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 19/04/2006 - 13:19

Just weeks after announcing a further $2 million commitment to the University of Queensland's Scramjet program Deputy Premier Anna Bligh told State Parliament today that Boeing is going to match the State's support.

From: John Wilson [mailto:jhwilson at]
Sent: Tuesday, 28 February 2006 12:38 p.m.
Subject: "Brutal banks spark inquiry" - DT, 28/2/06 p.11

The Letters Editor,
Daily Telegraph,

Dear Sir,

Re: The Law protects borrowers - if only they knew it.

Your brief story, that repossession orders rose by one third in 2005 to a record number of 4000 because of non-payment of bank loans, is a clear indication that borrowers do not know that the law protects them against the illegal practices of those lenders. Loan contracts issued by the banks are illegal on two counts. First, variable interest rates render a contract void for uncertainty. Second, the money the banks lend is created out of thin air. Both are Fraud, for which the law carries severe penalties.



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