Why Guantanamo?

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 07/10/2006 - 10:16

University of Pittsburgh School of Law
FORUM Op-eds on legal news by law professors and JURIST special guests...

JURIST Guest Columnist Kermit Roosevelt of the University of Pennsylvania Law School says that the question of whether the US government can seize aliens and put them beyond the reach of law goes to the heart of who we are and what we want to become...

Did Osama really choose to name his terror network after potty humor or was it a computer database he used to chat with his CIA handlers?

The origins of the name "Al-Qaeda," and its real arabic connotations prove that every time the Bush administration, Fox News, or any individual who cites the threat of "Al-Qaeda," as a mandate for war and domestic authoritarianism, they are propagating the myth that such a group ever existed.

The US Marrage and fertility Gaps Explained

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 01/10/2006 - 16:16

Two interesting articles that appeared in USAToday about voting patterns. This should give us something to chew on.

Address to the United Nations: Rise Up Against the Empire

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 01/10/2006 - 15:47

By Hugo Chavez Frias, President of Venezuela

Representatives of the governments of the world, good morning to all of you. First of all, I would like to invite you, very respectfully, to those who have not read this book, to read it.

Noam Chomsky, one of the most prestigious American and world intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, and this is one of his most recent books, 'Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States.'" (Holds up book, waves it in front of General Assembly.) "It's an excellent book to help us understand what has been happening in the world throughout the 20th century, and what's happening now, and the greatest threat looming over our planet.


Submitted by Editor on Sun, 01/10/2006 - 14:04

Humans and their planet are in a big mess. We cannot blame all recent destruction of people and their properties on George W. Bush and his affiliates in crime. Arab leaders from the impoverished side of the Middle East, along with rich, self-appointed kings and sheiks are, in my opinion, the principle source for the massive loss of human lives in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. Arab and Muslim leaders who may have collaborated with full knowledge of the ill intentions of the United States should not govern or remain citizens in the country they betrayed. Others who may have been tricked or duped by U.S. officials and still remain silent are traitors and deserve to be thrown out also.

The News Report, Special Article - September 30 2006

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 30/09/2006 - 17:14

In Case I Disappear

I have been told a thousand times at least, in the years I have spent reporting on the astonishing and repugnant abuses, lies and failures of the Bush administration, to watch my back. "Be careful," people always tell me. "These people are capable of anything. Stay off small planes, make sure you aren't being followed." A running joke between my mother and me is that she has a "safe room" set up for me in her cabin in the woods, in the event I have to flee because of something I wrote or said.

I always laughed and shook my head whenever I heard this stuff. Extreme paranoia wrapped in the tinfoil of conspiracy, I thought. This is still America, and these Bush fools will soon pass into history, I thought. I am a citizen, and the First Amendment hasn't yet been red-lined, I thought.

Matters are different now.

You know its strange hey, we in Australia, have already started inquiries into things like the AWB kickbacks to saddam, and we are here wanting to sort it out as quick as possible, but even though Australia has done wrong, I don’t see the likes of the USA doing any investigations of their own on their home turf specially when it was the USA that started the war in Iraq in the first place. (the US president is quick to point the finger at other people other than himself)

It seems people are to laxed over the president of the usa and are still letting him rule with all the incompetent things he has done and said and decided, It also gets to me how the UN is not doing a thing to bring to justice what the USA president has already done (as in war crimes)…

20 Damning Facts About Voting In The USA

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 29/09/2006 - 10:41

- By Angry Girl of http://nightweed.com

Did you know....
1. 80% of all votes in America are counted by only two companies: Diebold and ES&S.
http://en.wikipedia org/wiki/Diebold

2. There is no federal agency with regulatory authority or oversight of the U.S. voting machine industry. http://www.commondreams.org/views02/0916-04.htm

3. The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers.

[corp-focus] Elmo Will Not Absolve You

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 28/09/2006 - 11:47

- By Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Just returned from a run around the National Mall.

Party tents are going up.

Getting ready for the National Book Festival on Saturday.

Hosted by the Library of Congress.

Sponsored by Target and AT&T.

And starring Laura Bush.

You will be seeing a lot of Laura Bush in the next couple of days.

Talking with authors.


Hanging out with kids.

It's just a nice cover for the killing.

We wanted to know more about the National Book Festival.

So, we went to the Library of Congress web site.

And we registered in the press area.

- by Stephen Lendman

http://VHeadline.com broke the news early Saturday evening that Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Madura was prevented by airport officials from departing the US from JFK airport on a commercial flight on Saturday following the UN General Assembly meeting. He said officials demanded he surrender his ticket and boarding pass claiming his name was on a so-called "red list." He was then illegally detained, taken to a small room and strip-searched despite his strong protests after having clearly identified who he was. He explained once he did, his treatment only got worse.



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