You know its strange hey, we in Australia, have already started inquiries into things like the AWB kickbacks to saddam, and we are here wanting to sort it out as quick as possible, but even though Australia has done wrong, I don’t see the likes of the USA doing any investigations of their own on their home turf specially when it was the USA that started the war in Iraq in the first place. (the US president is quick to point the finger at other people other than himself)

It seems people are to laxed over the president of the usa and are still letting him rule with all the incompetent things he has done and said and decided, It also gets to me how the UN is not doing a thing to bring to justice what the USA president has already done (as in war crimes)…

John Bauskis: my experience in jail

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 22/09/2006 - 15:30

(Editor: Jon Wilson's Letter about John Bauskis conviction posted as a comment below).

- by John Bauskis

This is my experience in jail following my conviction, ( Falsely & illegally ) on the 5-9-06

From the cells under the court I was taken to City Central, in handcuffs, There I was put in a cell with 2 others, one a drug mule (from NZ) the other I don’t know, After being strip-searched and my particulars taken I was put back in the cell awaiting transport to Surry Hills, The Downing Centre Is a huge underground complex of around 80 cells, (so I was told).

I was in a cell with another innocent person (he got thrown in jail by his parole officer, who was a woman who didn’t like him) He spent the next 4 days trying to get someone to listen to him, to make a phone call to let his solicitor know that he was in jail. For my part I also was trying to get medication for my high blood pressure, the only way to communicate from the cells is by intercom, (which is only to be used for medical emergency,)

Venezuela: Chavez must stay: congress in Germany

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 08/09/2006 - 10:55

Chavez must stay: congress in Germany

1) For the re-election of president Hugo Chávez Frías

On December 3rd presidential elections will take place in Venezuela. According to all opinion polls available, 60% of the electorate will be voting for the re-election of President Hugo Chavez. During the seven years of his government the project of the Bolivarian Revolution has resulted in unique reforms in the educational system and the public health service, in the redistribution of more than two million hectare of land for the benefit of 150 000 families, and in economic growth with social justice. Among the poor popular masses a broad Bolivarian, anti-oligarchic and anti-imperialist movement has been emerging. This dynamic process to overcome the structures of the former system is reflected in the programme of Hugo Chavez, which means the sovereign development of the country opposed to US- imperialism, a participative people's democracy and a new concept of socialism of the 21st century.

(Altnews) On Line Opinion - Australia

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 19/04/2006 - 12:14

Quote: Strike a blow for media and cultural diversity

Since 1999 On Line Opinion has been even-handedly providing a place for diverse and passionate debate for all Australians. We need your help to keep doing it.

Rising male unemployment a national disgrace

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 17/04/2006 - 22:56

Comment - Alan Barron, convenor,
What the below figures reveal is that all affirmative action program for women be immediately disbanded and that the Office of Women's Affairs also be retired. It is men who are being left behind in the employment stakes. This is partly due to males being marginalized in our educational system and pushed aside by quotes for women at tertiary institutions.

Enough is enough. It's time men pulled their collective heads out of the sand and demanded justice for themselves. Women are taking over the workplace as the nation's family life begins to unravel. What does this nation need? It needs more working women like it needs a hole in the head. If we are to arrest rising male unemployment levels, the declining birthrate and rising divorce rate, then ways must be found to entice women out of the workplace and back into the home.

[] How the Government Creates Child Abuse

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 16/04/2006 - 14:58

By Stephen Baskerville

Quote: Operatives of the child abuse industry often wax righteous about the "scandal" of child abuse. "We cannot tolerate the abuse of even one child," says an HHS press release. But the real scandal is the armies of officials who have been allowed to acquire - using taxpayers' dollars - a vested interest in abused children.
The article below is published in Human Events, a US weekly that is very influential in Washington.

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Aims and Objectives
The Objects for which the Association (CISCI) was established in 1980 are;-

(TruthJusticeHonor) Truth

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 25/02/2006 - 20:44

Corruption: What that really means.

An Invisible Slavery System exists around mankind. It's essentially nothing more or less than a refined form of commercialized corruption and it is in every facet of our lives, including how we think as Individuals and as a Society, Church Group or any other mini cult movement where one is expected to maintain 'rank' and behave like 'human beings should' inline with whatever set of rules you are given for that particular movement.

Australian Values

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 25/02/2006 - 20:12

I hear old Costello spruking about Australian Values the other day
I wonder if he'd like to tell me what are the Australian Values today?
We used to believe in Freedom, but we were actually allowed to know its taste
And we used to operate frugally, loath to giving in to waste…
We used to be a healthy bunch but that's gone out the door
The State can't afford to care for us, and we can't afford to go Private anymore…



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