Even the US Marines know that the best laid plans go wrong
in the first 20 seconds and you better be prepared for anything to happen!


The Organizers of certainly understand that
concept intimately, having survived the first six weeks of operation.

PBS is under attack

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 06/05/2005 - 01:05

Dear Media Reformer:
PBS is in jeopardy. Earlier this week, the New York Times described secret efforts by Republican operatives to make our Public Broadcasting System more "fair and balanced."

American use of DU

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 06/05/2005 - 00:33

American use of du is "a crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time." US Iraq Military Vets "are on DU death row, waiting to die.

On Line Opinion

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 03/05/2005 - 23:29

- Australia's free Internet journal of social and political opinion.

(OzyDads) The Convention on the Rights of the Child

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 29/04/2005 - 23:06

- Julian speaks out on the dirty secrets of family destruction

THE UNCRC IS A HODGEPODGE OF 54 Articles, many of which appear to be contradictory and less than necessary.

There is NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that the intention of the use of the UNCRC in western societies is to empower the state to override the parents authority using the "best interests of the child" slogan.

The UNCRC is the forerunner of the current "Child protection" policies being implemented all over.

The question people need to ask, as in the UNCRC is "protected from whom?"

As there is no doubt that children's welfare has always been found with their parents and that the state has an abysmal record of caring for children the answer surely is "protected from the state!"

Yet the UNCRC and the "Child protection" policies are intended to be implemented and policed by the state.

This is surely a case of the fox guarding the henhouse and advocates of both must be told to abruptly get lost.

For those of you who want to read up more I give below the UN's own excuse for the existence of the UNCRC.

Even they can't hide the fact that it was designed with the very worst cases of institutional child abuse in mind and as such should have NO BEARING WHATSOEVER in family law cases which are PRIVATE CASES, ie brought by one parent against the other because there are NO PUBLIC CONCERNS FOR THE WELFARE OF THE CHILD, but simply because the applicant parent seeks to gain control of the child for the financial reliefs that they are awarded.

(OzyDads) Child Protective Services (a dismal FAILURE)

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 29/04/2005 - 12:39

Press Release from the National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center about False Accusations

Wendy's, Pepsi, Tylenol Turn Fingers Against False Accusers; Innocent Accused Parents Lack Legal Teams

Kens Comment: This same scenerio is being played on a worldwide level. Children are being stolen without the benefit of due process and are being used by social workers and other unemployables who rely on junk science for an incomes.

I will be adding more horrific articles about the Queensland, Australia child stealers in the near future

What is the Queensland Department of Child Safety?
...And to what extent do they carry out their vision of creating, "confident children and young people who are safe and valued...?"

Kens Comment: Well! What about you and your cronies come clean, mate. Beattie, you are a product of a broken home yourself and all have been told how child abuse is ongoing amongst victims. Want to step up and take me on ... or are you going to hide behind legislation that is supposed to prevent people from suing you for ongoing system child abuse? Look carefully at the Act, then tell me where the judicial relief provision is hidden, MATE. All these children have been stolen because your Act is illegal, mate.

Read on, for a kids-eye view of the QLD Dept. of Child Safety...

From the Mouth of Babe's, Part I

Monday, 18 April 2005

Dear Mr. Peter Beattie,

I am eight years old and have been forced to go to unusual measures to get your attention and ask you to perform your duty of care towards the charges of my home state, Queensland. What has happened to my family and I must not happen to any other family in your charge and under your duty of care.


The way a society goes is determined by their morals and commitment to them.

On Line Opinion - 21 February 2005

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 22/02/2005 - 17:18

Australia's free Internet journal of social and political opinion

We have hit another record high! Online journalism is maturing and coming of age.

On Line Opinion is still setting new records, last week we had 46,713 visits by readers to our journal and153,614 page views. Thanks go to all our readers and authors for their tremendous support.



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