Greens Education Spokesperson Kerry Nettle, addressing the New South Wales Teachers Federation Annual Conference, today called for a radical shift in federal education policy to boost enrolments in public schools.



"Under the Howard government enrolments in public schools have dropped. That is a national problem that demands radical policy solutions," Senator Nettle said.

"Public education is overwhelmingly the first choice of Australian parents, it is in the interests of all Australians that this remains the case.

Up to 50,000 Queensland adults do not know the triple zero emergency phone number, Emergency Services Minister Chris Cummins said today.

The Biotower system is an invention, which uses beautiful architectural structures to solve the 'heat island effect', improve air quality in major cities and generate electricity in the same process. The achievement would be the Biotower, a tall translucent structure that may well be the jewel in the crown of many cities and has the capacity to reduce green house gas emission in a three fold way; by reducing power consumption in city centres, by generating electricity (in excess of 180 megawatts in a city the size of Sydney) and thereby reducing demand on coal fired power stations and the cons

National Reconciliation Week commences today with events scheduled around Australia. read more



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