Submitted by Editor on Thu, 26/01/2006 - 17:38

A National Training and Networking Event Hosted by the Arizona Fathers & Families Coaltion, Inc.

The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 20/06/2005 - 02:39

And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land.
-- Ezekiel 34/29

Even the US Marines know that the best laid plans go wrong
in the first 20 seconds and you better be prepared for anything to happen!


The Organizers of certainly understand that
concept intimately, having survived the first six weeks of operation.

What is the Queensland Department of Child Safety?
...And to what extent do they carry out their vision of creating, "confident children and young people who are safe and valued...?"

Kens Comment: Well! What about you and your cronies come clean, mate. Beattie, you are a product of a broken home yourself and all have been told how child abuse is ongoing amongst victims. Want to step up and take me on ... or are you going to hide behind legislation that is supposed to prevent people from suing you for ongoing system child abuse? Look carefully at the Act, then tell me where the judicial relief provision is hidden, MATE. All these children have been stolen because your Act is illegal, mate.

Read on, for a kids-eye view of the QLD Dept. of Child Safety...

From the Mouth of Babe's, Part I

Monday, 18 April 2005

Dear Mr. Peter Beattie,

I am eight years old and have been forced to go to unusual measures to get your attention and ask you to perform your duty of care towards the charges of my home state, Queensland. What has happened to my family and I must not happen to any other family in your charge and under your duty of care.

Queensland researchers are helping to protect the environment and the lot of poor farmers in Vietnam by converting waste brewery yeast into fruit fly bait, State Primary Industries and Fisheries Minister Henry Palaszczuk said.

Aussie tells of heroic act in Iraq

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 14/11/2004 - 15:48

THE Sydney soldier who shepherded a helicopter to safety through one of Iraq's most lethal hotspots was yesterday credited with saving the life of a British pilot who is also his best mate.

Captain Scott Watkins has saved his best friend's life.

Microsoft search sparks new war

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 14/11/2004 - 15:36

MICROSOFT'S search engine launched opens a new front for the world's biggest software company in the war for control of the internet, analysts said.

Acheh, WP: Politics in the PUb/Seminar

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 14/11/2004 - 00:16

Quote: A seminar to commemorate 28 years since the peoples declaration of a Free Acheh. Come and hear from Achehnese, prominent Australians and academics about the ongoing independence struggle of the people of Acheh.

Camp Connect & AFSSA Annual General Meetings

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 10/11/2004 - 00:05

- Tuesday 30 November, 2004 -
Hi All,

Just to let you all know that on Tuesday 30 November both the Australian Camp Connect Association and the Australian Family Support Services will be holding their Annual General Meetings.

AWPA Newsletter No. 57 October 2004

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 08/11/2004 - 21:54

1) Most Papuans no longer sympathize with security forces
2) President wants MRP set up soon
3) Susilo to tackle security issues in first 100-days
4) European Union wants to see Aceh and West Papua for themselves
5) Anti-military demonstration in West Papua
6) Papuan council calls on Yudhoyono to stop military operations in Papua
7) Papuans pressing hard for self rule
8 ) Activist warns of Papua 'time bomb'
9) In Brief
10) Upcoming events



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