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Kevin Rudd will be a disatster for divorced fathers

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 07/08/2007 - 10:57

In case you had any illusions about the feminist's hold on Kevin Rudd. Read his objections to the shared parenting family law amendments passed last year. Its also interesting to note his support for the discredited minority report prepared by Nicola Roxon (minority meaning that she was the only objector amongst the full committee comprising labor, libs and nats).

National Sorry Day Committee LogoThe National Sorry Day Committee presents its credentials as the long established premier National Advocate for the Stolen Generations.

We are making a national statement to the Australian people.

There is now a real danger of the creation by the Howard government of another Stolen Generation.

Both Parties Force A Deadly Nuclear Future

Submitted by Anja Light on Sun, 29/04/2007 - 11:37

Well, it's confirmed. Both parties aim to force us into a deadly nuclear future. Labour will exploit more uranium (did anyone else notice how happy Premier Peter Beattie was with the 'Yes' vote, despite his recent assurances that we in QLD will not be forced to accept more uranium mines?), export cancer and consign future generations to deal with toxic nuclear waste.

Christadelphian Child Abusers

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 27/04/2007 - 12:56

As a concerned member of a Southern Gold Coast Christadelphian Ecclesia i can no longer keep quite about the unacceptable behaviour of one senior member. Over a period of many years this person has molested many children and succeded by the fear of his victims and others fear of his power within the ecclesia.
I now name this evil man masquerading as a true believer. This evil and vile person is B***** S*******. (Ed: name removed)
I hope that others will come forward to remove this scar from our ecclesia.

Your Brother in Christ


United for truth, women senators need your help

Submitted by The GetUp Team on Tue, 24/04/2007 - 10:40

Most of us take it for granted that businesses aren't allowed to deceive and mislead us in their advertising. But if someone you care about is ever faced with an unplanned pregnancy, watch out.

Consumer protection regulations already prohibit false advertising, but a loophole in the law allows pregnancy counsellors who don't charge a fee to say whatever they like in ads they place in doctors' offices, police stations, magazines, online and in the phone book. This means women are being actively deceived by counselling agencies with a philosophical position on abortion.

Swapping Asylum Seekers!

Submitted by Selwyn Johnston on Sun, 22/04/2007 - 16:37

The Government's latest strategy of swapping Sri Lankan asylum seekers for Cuban and Haitian refugees in the US is simply bizarre and demonstrates just how much John Howard has lost touch with the electorate.  People smugglers will be telling their clients that the glittering prize of a life in the US is now available - they just have to be apprehended in Australian waters.

Pan Pharmaceuticals boss acquitted in NSW Supreme Court

Submitted by convince on Sun, 22/04/2007 - 09:08

Last week, a jury in the NSW Supreme Court acquitted Pan Pharmaceuticals founder Jim Selim of charges that he ordered the destruction of critical computer data relating to batches of the company's travel-sickness drug, Travacalm. In May 2003, the company went into voluntary administration after the Therapeutic Goods Administration issued a recall of the supplement due to complaints, and therefore suspended Pan's licence.

Our leaders skuttle our kids futures

Submitted by anne goddard on Wed, 28/03/2007 - 17:04

Bob Brown (Green's) motion endorsing the Australian Council of Trade Unions' action plan on climate change was voted down by Labor and the Coalition in the Senate on Monday the 26th of March.

I am particularly disappointed in the Democrats (who say that they are in power to help keep the B's honest), who abstained from voting.

The ACTU's motion reads:
That the Senate endorses the climate change action plan proposed by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, including its call for:

  1. government subsidies for energy efficient retrofitting of buildings;
  2. mandatory green building codes
  3. large-scale reuse of treated effluent
  4. improved vehicle fuel efficiency
  5. greater use of shipping to cute greenhouse gas emissions
  6. the right to reject work which harms the environment
  7. a mandatory renewable energy target of 10 per
    cent, as called for by the Greens in 2002



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