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Christadelphian Child Abusers

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 27/04/2007 - 12:56

As a concerned member of a Southern Gold Coast Christadelphian Ecclesia i can no longer keep quite about the unacceptable behaviour of one senior member. Over a period of many years this person has molested many children and succeded by the fear of his victims and others fear of his power within the ecclesia.
I now name this evil man masquerading as a true believer. This evil and vile person is B***** S*******. (Ed: name removed)
I hope that others will come forward to remove this scar from our ecclesia.

Your Brother in Christ


Swapping Asylum Seekers!

Submitted by Selwyn Johnston on Sun, 22/04/2007 - 16:37

The Government's latest strategy of swapping Sri Lankan asylum seekers for Cuban and Haitian refugees in the US is simply bizarre and demonstrates just how much John Howard has lost touch with the electorate.  People smugglers will be telling their clients that the glittering prize of a life in the US is now available - they just have to be apprehended in Australian waters.

Peace Convergence June 18-24 Newsletter 15

Submitted by Webmaster on Thu, 19/04/2007 - 10:31

Peace Convergence June 18-24
Join us at Shoalwater Bay for a week of community action against war and war games.
Talisman Sabre is set to start at the end of May for six weeks! The live firing and field component begins June 19. Bookings have started for camping at the caravan park in Yeppoon in preparation for the planned activities and actions during the Peace Convergence. If you are planning to come to Shoalwater for the Peace Convergence please book accommodation now.

i was in care

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/04/2007 - 22:36

i have read so many posts filled with hate and anger towards the dept. I dont know how i feel, i understand where you are coming from but at the same time i feel really sad and angry because i feel like you are bagging out my family :( I dont agree with everything the dept does. I was taken into care at the age of 12, i should of been taken in a lot earlier, i was living on the streets of Toowoomba at the age of 10, the dept were informed by my school and did nothing as in there words "i had options". They moved me to Logan, even though my family was still in Toowoomba.


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 26/03/2007 - 18:02

(Editor: On 30/April2007 at 10:15 the TITLE of this post has been changed on request of a Mr Paul Turner claiming to be a representative of the Queensland Department of Justice. Mr Turner advised that a party named in this post has no issue with the content of this post other than with the original title.)
(Editor: On 03/April/2009 at 14:00 the NAME and ADDRESS of the author of the letter below have been removed on request of a person claiming to be that person and using a hotmail e-mail address.)

This e-mail is being sent to:
The Magistrate
The United Nations
The Governor General

- by Sarah Perrott

Spellbinding Look At A Secret History

Witchcraft and magic were alive and well in Australia's colonial days, if the findings of respected author and historian Ian Evans are anything to go by.

Mr Evans will reveal all when he talks next Wednesday at the Queensland Museum about his research into this previously unknown "underworld" in colonial Australia.

Spells and witchcraft are commonplace in the history of many countries, but have managed to bypass Australian historians almost completely - until recently.

Ian believes a convict woman's boot from the Moreton Bay penal settlement was part of an ancient folk magic ritual, and the boot is one of many objects found in old houses and buildings across Australia for the same reason. The boot was found in the roof cavity of the old Commissariat Store in William Street, Brisbane in 1913, but its full meaning has only been recently revealed.

Water… A Failure By Successive Governments

Submitted by Selwyn Johnston on Sun, 04/02/2007 - 17:12

- by Selwyn Johnston

While Far North Queensland, the channel country, and much of Queensland's west is experiencing exceptional early summer rains, South East Queensland remains fine and dry as it has done for several years now. Water restrictions have been in place for some years but it is also a number of years since dam catchment areas have had rainfall exceeding 50 mm, not even top up water. Not good news!

The southeast is the most populous area of the State and growing on a daily basis, yet it has no water reserves. The question is, "How did this situation come about?"

There really is a trilogy of answers.

Can you help? - by John Tracey

The office of the Qld Adult Guardian have imposed draconian and cruel restrictions on the life of my nephew Marley Creed (above) including confining him to Brisbane against his will

Marley has (and has been assessed by the supreme court to have) the capacity to make all decisions in his life except for financial matters - he has a physical disability

However on 19/12/06 the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal removed all powers of decision making about his personal life and gave those powers to the Adult Guardian

They have however made no attempt at all to provide his basic needs such as accommodation clothes a survivable income and health care



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