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HIV is on Trial in Australia

Submitted by Alan Gough on Sun, 25/02/2007 - 09:02

 Where is the proof  that HIV exists- by Alan Gough

Court Weighs Evidence for Claims of Isolation, Transmission and Testing

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A motion for appeal in a criminal hearing in Adelaide, Australia has become the focus of international attention as fundamental claims by orthodox AIDS researchers -- including the infamous Dr Robert Gallo -- come under vigorous cross-examination by an attorney demanding scientific evidence that the virus exists. Top AIDS industry spokespersons from around the world have appeared in person or by satellite in Adelaide to defend the HIV hypothesis against charges by a local team of scientific and medical experts known as 'The Perth Group' who asserts that two decades of AIDS research have failed to produce a purified isolate of HIV, validation of the accuracy so-called HIV tests, or proof that HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids.

Parental Alienation Syndrome: New Support Forum

Submitted by Unslaver News on Fri, 27/05/2005 - 17:07 and

are pleased to announce the first support forum for all people.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is starting to find footing in the Courts.
Custodial Parents are often the culprits of this disasterous mental abuse to the children of a broken relationship.

Research by dedicated Doctors globally have shown that the damage left by the use of PAS against another parent are lifelong and can end in the child being tormented to the point of committing crime.

The Boards will be loaded with articles and original stories in the next few days – all it needs now is parents prepared to talk about their ongoing or prior problems with exspouses/partners, Departments, Police or other entities associated with Children and You – the Parent.


What is the Queensland Department of Child Safety?
...And to what extent do they carry out their vision of creating, "confident children and young people who are safe and valued...?"

Kens Comment: Well! What about you and your cronies come clean, mate. Beattie, you are a product of a broken home yourself and all have been told how child abuse is ongoing amongst victims. Want to step up and take me on ... or are you going to hide behind legislation that is supposed to prevent people from suing you for ongoing system child abuse? Look carefully at the Act, then tell me where the judicial relief provision is hidden, MATE. All these children have been stolen because your Act is illegal, mate.

Read on, for a kids-eye view of the QLD Dept. of Child Safety...

From the Mouth of Babe's, Part I

Monday, 18 April 2005

Dear Mr. Peter Beattie,

I am eight years old and have been forced to go to unusual measures to get your attention and ask you to perform your duty of care towards the charges of my home state, Queensland. What has happened to my family and I must not happen to any other family in your charge and under your duty of care.


Submitted by Editor on Tue, 28/09/2004 - 19:21


Opposed by the powerful packaging industry

Family First proposes a simple solution to dramatically reduce the waster entering the streams and waterways of our countryside.

[IWAASG] Families/Carers and Political Representation

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 15/09/2004 - 00:27

Hear about the People Power project to represent and empower families and carers

You are invited to hear Mr Vern Hughes of Melbourne speak on the People Power project.

(Greens-Media) Womens Policy Launch

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 13/09/2004 - 22:32

"The introduction of proportional representation into the House of Representatives is the only way women's perspectives are going to be truly represented in Australian democracy," Greens lead Senate candidate Christine Milne said today at the launch of the Greens' Women's policy in Melbourne.

Kens Comment: That's discrimination! Where is the mens policy?

(Greens-Media) BLUESCOPE must fill the void

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 01/09/2004 - 01:18

Greens Cunningham MP Michael Organ expects BlueScope Steel to remove the ongoing uncertainty for around 60 employees at the steel works who face retrenchment, by offering them all permanent employment today. :)

(Fathers-4-Justice) Update: Western Australia

Submitted by Editor on Tue, 10/08/2004 - 15:08

This morning Brett Kessner climbed a main roads structure over the Kwinana Freeway Perth with Fathers-4-Justice banners.

The Greens will pressure the next federal government to increase the average Murray River flow by 3,000 gigalitres, or 25% of its natural flow, Greens Senator Bob Brown said in Adelaide today.



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