Submitted by Editor on Wed, 19/04/2006 - 12:53

Cyber fraud, internet pornography, terrorism and other crimes that involve computer use will be easier to crack with the introduction of new laws for Queensland police.

(Altnews) On Line Opinion - Australia

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 19/04/2006 - 12:14

Quote: Strike a blow for media and cultural diversity

Since 1999 On Line Opinion has been even-handedly providing a place for diverse and passionate debate for all Australians. We need your help to keep doing it.

Rising male unemployment a national disgrace

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 17/04/2006 - 22:56

Comment - Alan Barron, convenor,
What the below figures reveal is that all affirmative action program for women be immediately disbanded and that the Office of Women's Affairs also be retired. It is men who are being left behind in the employment stakes. This is partly due to males being marginalized in our educational system and pushed aside by quotes for women at tertiary institutions.

Enough is enough. It's time men pulled their collective heads out of the sand and demanded justice for themselves. Women are taking over the workplace as the nation's family life begins to unravel. What does this nation need? It needs more working women like it needs a hole in the head. If we are to arrest rising male unemployment levels, the declining birthrate and rising divorce rate, then ways must be found to entice women out of the workplace and back into the home.

(AWPA) Letter to downer

Submitted by Editor on Sun, 19/03/2006 - 22:54

We encourage people/organisations to write along similar lines

Dear Mr. Downer,

I am writing to you concerning the dangerously deteriorating situation in West Papua.

The Australia West Papua Association is concerned that the Indonesian security forces are conducting reprisals not only against those involved in protests in the University town of Abepura, but also in the general community as well. etc.....

Community Information Service Cairns Inc. logoClub secretaries, publicity officers and service providers; post your story, newsletter, contact info and event notice here for the benefit of all in the Cairns district community.

Aims and Objectives
The Objects for which the Association (CISCI) was established in 1980 are;-

Quote: "Queenslanders have made it clear that they expect their MPs to be more accountable and I am ready to support them. Unquote.

Kens Comment:
"Beattie, Your government has stolen my daughter using the Qld Child Protection Act, an Act that is illegal due to the constitutional flaws of having no appeal or review process. This Act states that social workers do not need to be members of either of the social worker associations... so.... how about you put your money where your mouth is Mister Sedition, "There is a child abuser behind every bush". and "We only want the best for Queenslands future assets." These are children, not assets.

How about meeting me on TV for a chat about it, MATE!

Julie Newman of the Network of Concerned Farmers in Australia reports on how the cautious policies on GM of the main farm lobby group in Western Australia has been spun to the media as demands for GM trials and an end to Western Australia's GM crops moratorium.

For instance, a policy that calls for an end to the moratorium only "when markets clearly indicate their preparedness to accept GM produce" has been twisted into a demand for an immediate end to the moratorium and an assertion that markets are ready to accept GM produce!

From: John Wilson [mailto:jhwilson at]
Sent: Tuesday, 28 February 2006 12:38 p.m.
Subject: "Brutal banks spark inquiry" - DT, 28/2/06 p.11

The Letters Editor,
Daily Telegraph,

Dear Sir,

Re: The Law protects borrowers - if only they knew it.

Your brief story, that repossession orders rose by one third in 2005 to a record number of 4000 because of non-payment of bank loans, is a clear indication that borrowers do not know that the law protects them against the illegal practices of those lenders. Loan contracts issued by the banks are illegal on two counts. First, variable interest rates render a contract void for uncertainty. Second, the money the banks lend is created out of thin air. Both are Fraud, for which the law carries severe penalties.

(TruthJusticeHonor) Truth

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 25/02/2006 - 20:44

Corruption: What that really means.

An Invisible Slavery System exists around mankind. It's essentially nothing more or less than a refined form of commercialized corruption and it is in every facet of our lives, including how we think as Individuals and as a Society, Church Group or any other mini cult movement where one is expected to maintain 'rank' and behave like 'human beings should' inline with whatever set of rules you are given for that particular movement.



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