Australian Values

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I hear old Costello spruking about Australian Values the other day
I wonder if he'd like to tell me what are the Australian Values today?
We used to believe in Freedom, but we were actually allowed to know its taste
And we used to operate frugally, loath to giving in to waste…
We used to be a healthy bunch but that's gone out the door
The State can't afford to care for us, and we can't afford to go Private anymore…

Some little known facts about how 'things work' (specifically, in Australia)

Some years ago, Australia came up with the clever idea of 'taxing' water held in dams - some of them a hundred years old. This was enforced by fly overs to 'check'. As usual, the cockies bitched, the city folks ignored them and, the Government got its tax on the old ones and of course - the new ones.

QLDTownsville: Corrective Services Minister Judy Spence has announced plans to establish a female prison camp in north Queensland.

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On International Women's Day, Women Take to the Streets of Lismore

On Wednesday, March 8th, International Women's Day, women will take to the streets of Lismore as they join an international movement of women calling for an end to the Iraq war.

Women will congregate in Lismore to join the Women Say No To War Campaign that was launched by CODEPINK: Women for Peace in early January, bringing together women from around the world-from the US to Iraq to Britain to Japan to Australia - in a campaign aimed at ending the Iraq war and all attacks on Iraqi civilians in 2006.

Australian Men - the 'hidden family taxes'.

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From: callemity
Date: Tues, Feb 14 2006

It's hardly a secret that about half the adult unions in this country divorce/break down. The over stretched Family Court System testifies to this week to week. However, Australians participate and believe in one of the most 'ineffective' Government programs created in this country so far in its shortish political autonomy. I refer to The Child Support Agency of Australia.

(Kens Comment) There are a lot more articles exposing this atrocity here and also on , the public site and main boards. (63 members)

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Clients and their wishes for support with domain name registrations, web design, web hosting, e-mail, e-marketing and e-commerce, etc. ALWAYS COME FIRST with Altnews. Hence the web site was put on a back burner: When we have the time.... :-)

On Line Focus : 2006 program

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Subject: On Line Focus : 2006 program
From: "On Line Focus"
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 11:16:23 +1000

This is the first of our irregular On Line Focus newsletters for 2006.

We appreciated your willingness to provide feedback on issues during 2005 and look forward to talking to you over the coming year.
SBS Insight Programme

Your chance to put your views in person to a television audience.

We are always happy to collaborate with organisations that are complementary to our aims and objectives. A Cast of Thousands is a company that recruits studio audiences for the SBS Insight Programs hosted by Jenny Brockie. If you would like to join the panel for possible selection, please click here and complete their short questionnaire.


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Quote: There are other reasons for the failure of multiculturalism - the speed of the changes and the consequent swamping of our own brand of nationalism.....

So what are the answers? What strategies and tactics can we adopt? The "Australian Rules" of course. Unquote

Quote: Know your rights before you talk to anyone from CPS/DCF or let them in your house, they won't tell you your rights. CPS/DCF can't do anything without your consent, demand a warrant and speak with an attorney first before speaking with anyone from CPS/DCF, it could cost you your children." (unquote)


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Recent newspaper articles about raising children in today's society have highlighted the need for parents to responsibly 'take control' and exercise their right to train their children with love and firm boundaries.



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