(Altnews) Made Unemployable

Submitted by Editor on Thu, 29/12/2005 - 22:11

I have sent this letter to the Department of Employment in Canberra before Christmas, but no reply was received so I am publishing it now in endeavour to be employed again. With 3 University degrees and more than 35 years of the international experience, I was made unemployable on the Centrelink request to enforce political correctness that family is nothing and women's rights are everything.

CAIRNS DIVE CENTER - The only way to see the Great Barrier Reef
Cairns Dive Centre is one of the largest certifying agencies in the world. We have been operating in Cairns for many years, maintaining outstanding customer service. Cairns Dive Centre offers day cruises and live aboard trips for the snorkeller and diver, as well as learn-to-dive courses through all levels from Open Water to Instructors. We are an SSI and a PADI training centre.

Robyn manages her own practice in Orion-Theta healing and massage in Cairns. She also has a Diploma in Counselling and a Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

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OZ NEWS: Is our foreign debt OK?

Submitted by Editor on Fri, 25/11/2005 - 13:11

For tens of thousands of years before 1788, this country sustained its population with food. There were not that many people around, but they were seemingly happy eating what the land and sea provided. :(

The Sciencentre at Queensland Museum South Bank will celebrate its first birthday on Sunday 18 September.

The State Government is seeking applications for the role of Public Interest Monitor.

Police Minister Judy Spence said suitable candidates were being sought to fill the position, which requires an independent person who oversees the use by police of surveillance warrants and covert search warrants.

On Line Opinion - 29 August 2005

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 29/08/2005 - 16:57

On Line Opinion - Australia's free Internet journal of social and political opinion. Find our home page at

On Line Opinion - 22 August 2005

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 29/08/2005 - 00:46

On Line Opinion - Australia's free Internet journal of social and political opinion.


Submitted by Editor on Mon, 29/08/2005 - 00:18

Quote: It is of great concern to a growing number of Cairns residents to learn that not only elected Councillors but also un-elected public servants of the Cairns City Council (CCC) are accessing their confidential ratepayer records and making disclosures. Unquote



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