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Alternative News Network (Altnews)
Established 1995 - QLD BN20651144

The business name 'Alternative News Network' and all web sites published under that name are owned and managed by Clemens Vermeulen.

The web site at http://altnews.com.au/drop, the first version of which was set up in 1996, has now been closed to new contributions but remains available as an 'archive' for the benefit of an interested Internet community.

Alternative News Network wishes to acknowledge the interest in and posts on this web site from many individuals. Too many to name here individually. Without your input this web site would not be.

Proceed to Altnews' new web sites at:



Domain name registration and web hosting: Alternative News Network has 14 years experience with domain name registrations and web hosting. Visit these sites for further information:

Domain names: http://domains.altnews.com.au/

Web hosting: http://sales.altnews.com.au/

Note: Alternative News Network did not engage in any business activities in it's own name from May 2003 to March 2008.

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The LOTTERY SCAM thread has been MOVED

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The LOTTERY SCAM thread has been MOVED

Click HERE for the new Lottery Scam Forum...



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