Action at Pine Gap 2 June - from Ross

Submitted by Pine Gap 4 on Sat, 02/06/2007 - 12:30

Ross here on behalf of Barry myself from Alice Springs, Central Australia. This afternoon about 100 people assembled outside Pine Gap, the top secret US spy base here in the centre of Australia.

This CIA run base assists the US globally in its bombing and intelligence around the world.
Not even the Australian govt. gets a tour inside this place.
The event started with speeches from Traditional owners of the land on which the base is built, the Arrerente People.

A sign outside the base gates was covered to say "Pine Gap terrorist Base". Peace songs and bible readings followed from the Beatitudes and Ezekiel about the dry bones coming to life.
Flowers were made into a peace sign and a cross had names pinned to it of peace activists and dead Iraqis from the war.

A citizens inspection was then carried out with myself and three others dressed in inspectors uniforms. We approached the gates and were met by an Federal Police Officer who said "NO" to our request. As part of a dream a had a few days back, I came with my passport and said as an Australian citizen I had a right to know what the US and Australian governments were doing on this base and that it was being kept secret from the Australian people. After each inspector being refused we retreated back to the crowd for discussion. Two inspectors, one Australian and one Amercian said they would continue to persue the inspection. The "Coalition of the Willing" proceeded to the fence to the side of the gate and climbed it. The State Police warned them but did nothing to hinder their climb. On the other side of the fence were Australian Federal Police (AFP) waiting to arrest them on the other side.

After about 5 minutes the two completed their climb and were arrested when they reached the ground on the other side. After about half an hour, the AFP informed us that the two would not be charged, and were released back out the main gate.

As you can see the group here has a very good relationship with the police here, and the police were doing everything thing they could to appear reasonable. I myself had seriously considered climbing the fence also, but did not wish to be entangled in legal problems at this time. As it was I think the event worked fine with the two who offered themselves for arrest, without my extra assistance. However, I am happy that I was willing and prepared to do so should a future event and need arise.

I continue to admire the beauty of the landscape here, at the same time we are confronting a quiet death machine whose decisions kill thousands from remote distances. Pine Gap is also a target of Russian Nuclear missiles, as any American base would be in this country. And our close military cooperation with the US makes us ever more vulnerable to attack, receiving the same retribution as America would for their foreign military adventurism.



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