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A new political party with TAX FACTS FOR AVERAGE AUSTRALIANS

KensComment: Introducing John Phillip Rivett - endorsed Senate candidate for the Great Australians, a Registered Political Party.
Mr Rivett offers the restructuring of the taxation system. Something I am sure all Australians would welcome

I have divided the media pack into sections, the first one below with Mister Rivett's resume and the birth of the party from a history we all cherish and relate to is told in "The Diggers Legacy"

John Rivett

September 7, 2004

John Philip Rivett

Aged 53, Mr Rivett has degrees from the University of Queensland in Commerce and Law. He practised as a lawyer in Townsville and Brisbane for eleven years up until 1988.

He opened his first business when aged only 15. Whilst a University student, and later as a lawyer in Townsville between 1975 and 1985 he was involved as a principal and consultant in many new business start ups.

On the Sunshine Coast from 1988 to 2000 he was a professional company director and principal in many new businesses in the tourism and property industries. He was a Director of and Corporate Legal Counsel for Forrester Parker Group (now FKP Properties), CEO of its subsidiary, Sunshine Lifestyle Resorts and CEO of the listed property and resort company Westmark Corporation. He started Holiday Mooloolaba, Strata Care, Remax Realty and Pacific Horizons Resort.

As a principal, he has started over 20 different businesses. Whilst most were successful, he has experienced and learnt from the hard lessons of failed enterprise.

- From 2000 he has been fully occupied in the Venture Capital Industry. He is the founding CEO of AusFirst Capital Limited - a registered Pooled Development Fund. He sits on the Boards of five of Ausfirst's seven investee companies - Harcourt Engine, Australian Chemical Enterprises, Liquilan Australia, Cease-Fire Technologies and Baby Bliss International..
Visit http://www.ausfirst.com

He is a Director of and Corporate Legal Counsel for Biocane Limited - trying to develope a sugar cane animal feed plant at Nambour.
Visit http://www.cowcandy.com

He is the CEO of Foltainer International, trying to develop a folding transport container and a consultant to Auskept Foods - trying to develop a new food preserving technology.

He is the retained Corporate Lawyer for Vision Venture Capital and is a Director of Alternative Lending Australia Ltd and Kings Agricultural Ltd. He is a Director of Vision Start Ups Pty Ltd - establishing a new venture capital fund raising program for seed capital in Australia.

He is a founding Director of SME Securities a venture capital mentor and investor with four investee projects including Aquasafe, Baby Bliss and Watertight Tiling Solutions, the first two of which he is a Director.
Visit http://www.smesecurities.com.au

He is married with 3 children and 2 step children. He has been a leader in community affairs serving as the President of Townsville Rugby Union, Mooloolaba Chamber of Commerce, Matthew Flinders Anglican College P & C (Buderim), Central Coast Blue Light Youth Club (Maroochydore) and Sunshine Coast Junior Rugby Union.

He has a passion to reform the Taxation System in Australia. He is currently the President of the federally registered political party - Great Australians- with an aggressive platform of true electoral representation, tax reform and support for Australian business.
Visit http://www.thegreataustralians.com.au

The Diggers Legacy

A tribute to John Cumming - the author of "Lucky be Damned", publisher of Oz News, founder and patron for life of the Great Australians - a Federally Registered Political Party

by John Rivett - Federal President - Great Australians
Sydney Forum - 28 August 2004

Both of my grandfathers were diggers in the First World War. I inherited photos of them in their uniforms taken as they boarded their ships bound for France. Many times I have stared into their faces. The looks of excitement and pride just seem to mask the apprehension and fear in their eyes.

In the second war, my grandmother's young brother Hamilton was a navigator. His plane dropped a fatal bomb on a U Boat in the English Channel just as the last gunner left in the conning tower shot off a round of machine gun bullets into the plane's fuel tanks. In military terms, it was a dead heat. They never found his body. When I was a boy visiting my Grandmother, Uncle Hamilton proudly and handsomely stared at me from his mantelpiece. Now his spirit makes and ebbs from France to England with the Channel tides.

My father was a digger. He was a lieutenant in the engineers and spent his 19th birthday under canvas on Cape York awaiting mobilisation to Bougainville. One of his men had received a letter from his wife admitting to an affair with a neighbour and asked dad for advice. My father, who had not yet kissed a girl and was brought up by his three maiden aunts, tried his hardest, but his advice was totally theoretical.

My father's only brother - Peter - was a Spitfire pilot over the Suez Canal until he had his tail cut off and crashed in flames. He lies buried in the sand somewhere near nowhere and his spirit drifts on the desert winds.

When I was a boy I missed having no cousins on Dad's side. When I was a man I realised the enormity of the ultimate sacrifice my Uncle Peter made and the effect it had on our family tree.

I always thought my father was determined to live two lives the way he attacked the world from VP day until his death in 2001.

John Cumming was a digger too and he was a lucky Australian who grew up in "The Lucky Country.

In his own words -

"I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world. I was born into comfortable surroundings in a marvellous country, received an education at one of the best schools in Australia, survived the Second World War as a soldier, entered the fledgling Australian advertising industry at precisely the right moment and managed to make a go of it. Frankly, I was lucky. My only abiding regret is that, in my lifetime, I have seen the rise and fall of Australia."

He slept on most of the beaches on the coastline from Perth to Darwin in the early parts of the war on coastal patrol. He then saw active service in the Indonesian islands as the mop up moved north.

He grafted a distinguished career in the competitive world of advertising and was responsible for some of Australia's icon campaigns - "Good things come in glass", "your friendly Electrolux man" and "wipe it with a Wettex".

He underwrote Johnny Farnham's first single "Sadie the Cleaning Lady". He helped form the Australian Democrats.

He was a brave ocean sailor and is an accomplished artist.

He angrily resisted the complete routing of the Australian advertising industry by foreign conglomerates and the sell out by his own industry body. He went on a search for truth and found his industry wasn't the only one to be sold out.

In his retirement on his covered deck at Sunshine Beach near Noosa, John Cumming slouches on his straight backed pew placed at a tangent to his round "table of knowledge" and bellows as loud as his 83 year old smoke damaged lungs will allow - "the bastards have sold us out again!" - "Lucky be Damned!"

He established Austand and published "Oz News" for many years - free of ads and full of little known truths and serious complaints at the sell out of our nation. He sat down and wrote one of Australia's watershed books "Lucky be Damned!" It is good yarn of his life, but a very serious commentary on the post war sell out of our country and a warning that his children and grandchildren will not be so lucky. Jack lived his life hard, but he deserved to - he'd fought for it and won the right to live it.

My forebears heads are nodding. It's not the channel tides or the desert winds causing their heads to nod, but their total agreement at John Cumming's frustration. They are whispering in my ears - ""Lucky be Damned". You, my boy, inherited the right to live in this country and you have allowed it to be sold out."

They're right you know.

Australia is banging the cymbals in the world string orchestra -when we should be playing first or second violin.

We're carrying the drinks - when we should be strutting out to bat at number 3 or 4.

We're warming the benches - when we should be proudly running on at full forward, five-eight, flyhalf, striker or goal attack.

We've become the delivery boys and the floor sweepers in what used to be our own businesses - when we should be proud owners reaping the rewards of our forebears' enterprise.

Worse, we're dusting the boots of Uncle Sam - when we should be his free world partner, bravely counselling him on his many excesses.

My father' spirit - ever the practical engineer - says - "John - what are you going to do about it'"

Jack Cumming growls in frustration. "Lucky be Damned".

Thankfully, the old digger has left us a legacy, a torch to carry, a mission to accomplish.

It's a growing comprehension of the sell out of our national identity and with that - our sovereignty.

It's a realisation that our land of the "long weekends" will turn into seven day nightmares if we don't act now.

It's a horror at the sprawling suburbs of slab on ground, tile roofed, 3 bedroom, double lock up garage brick houses where 30% of our fast food fattened kids are unemployed.

It's a fright at the fact that we're importing plastic tasting tinned food, GE modified crops and risky bananas when we could easily be the organic salad bowl of the South Pacific.

It's a shock at the fact that 90% of our industries are now foreign owned and the foreigners pay one eightieth of the income tax that their workers pay -government guaranteed by the Double Tax Conventions supported by the Unions, Liberals and Country Parties alike.

It's a revulsion at the shallowness and deceit of the two and a half party Marxist inspired political debate between the forces of capital and labour.

It's a stirring in the minds and hearts of thinking Australians that we've sold out enough.

It's a dismay that there will be nothing left for our children - the grandchildren of the diggers.

It's a disgust at us being reduced to polishing off the dust.

The growls of the old digger who refused to just retire to Sunshine Beach are being heard.




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