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Submitted by Editor on Thu, 29/12/2005 - 22:11

I have sent this letter to the Department of Employment in Canberra before Christmas, but no reply was received so I am publishing it now in endeavour to be employed again. With 3 University degrees and more than 35 years of the international experience, I was made unemployable on the Centrelink request to enforce political correctness that family is nothing and women's rights are everything.

From: "Quest" quest56@hotmail.com
To: editor@altnews.com.au

Wed, 28 Dec 2005

Dear Dr. Nelson & Mr. Farmer,

I was arrested on false allegation of my wife in the front of my children during Father's Day lunch in 2002(allegation was never proved as I never abused my wife in 20 years of our marriage), her lover (currently Centrelink National Manager) and The ACT Magistrate Court and Centrelink Mafia (working together on destruction of my family, especially my children due to sexual orientation of some Magistrates), declared criminal and unemployable. After a long process involving Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Commonwealth Solicitors (5 of them) I was awarded disability pension by Centrelink although I never see a doctor for diagnostic purpose of my alleged disability as all Courts and Tribunals worked on presumed guilt because I am a straight and a family men which is not preferred Government choice in Australia.

I am bored sitting at home for more than 3 years instead of working as my all job applications were put aside because Centrelink Mafia leaded by the current Centrelink National Manager, who didn't spare any resources to destroy my family, was successful in creating my "criminal" record preventing me to return to the workforce.

I had a Top Security Clearance before, I have 35 years of international experience and a few University degrees and I think it's a shame that I can't work anywhere in Australia anymore as I failed on all security clearance checks although I was never on the Court before Centrelink Management set-up and I even never before paid traffic fine.

My complaints to Ombudsman, Mr. Philip Ruddock, John Hockey and Kaye Paterson, HREOC etc. were ignored with polite declining to be involved (Gee, this Peter Bickerton must be a very high profile freemason!!!) and I was bankrupt by the so called "family lawyer" Mr. John Nichol my wife get as a free present from Centrelink while my appeal for the Legal Aid was refused.

Can you help or I should just kill myself like many good Australiam men do after being processed on the same way?

P.S. - I am starving and just used my last resource to survive (withdraw my Superannuation to pay my homeloan and debts) and my 2 children are living with me after mother abandoned them. She is on high Government salary and full Centrelink family payments although children are with me..?

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A familiar story

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 15/02/2007 - 21:58.

Dear Mr Orwell,

I followed your link on aus.newsgroups and almost the same situation happened to me including an attempted arrest of dad in front of the kids when a babysitter conspired with ex that I had groped her tits, really ugly stuff to be accused of after leading a good upright life. The solicitors are responsible more than the ex, if they say you are violent, the ex gets better treatment, more custody and more payments, larger percentage of the house.

Like you I am living very modestly on rice and salvation army teabags after having a great publishing job for years and a company car (slugged for maintenance on company car as if it were a cash benefit) anyway I have set out what I know to try and make other dads feel less isolated.

You are not alone and the kids will grow and possibly understand that dad always loved them but the system is hopelessly biased against men, We refer to the family court and the CSA as being full of HLLs hairy legged lesbians.

I also lost my job not long after my pay was garnisheed because I refused to pay on a fraudulent income figure the ex gave the CSA to slug me harder for money. There are no consequence for a mother committing perjury, just pointing a finger at the dad is enough to invoke a stereotype of a deadbeat dad.

I made a couple of web pages on my experience in the family court and the CSA, they tried to sue me for defamation, but never give up because kids grow into adults.

Two pages you might appreciate.
being screwed by Centrelink and the CSA
Solicitors ripping off families
My radio interview with Dads on the Air

Check out these guys all in a similar boat the disposessed fathers of Australia.

Also consider joining a forum devoted to exposing Centrelink bias a good man Jason currently being sued by Centrelink.


The worst Centrelink criminal freemason Peter Bickerton promoted

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 15/02/2007 - 17:30.

The worst Centrelink criminal freemason Peter Bickerton promoted
Centrelink manager destroying families to promore adultery is now promoted to Australian Police to destroy more families:


Peter Bickerton, the agency’s new deputy chief executive of operations, heads up CrimTrac projects, including a capability development team that handles projects from inception through to delivery and maintenance, and a project assurance team that looks after project management, governance and compliance.

Both say that being at the cutting edge of policing technology was one of the main drawcards for joining the agency – a move they both took in late September 2006.

“The carrot is getting involved in new frontiers, like biometrics,” says Bickerton, whose IT career has focused on policing systems used by Victoria Police and the Royal Oman Police before taking roles as area manager and national manager of call centres at Centrelink, and most recently the Australian Customs Service.

CrimTrac, which has built its reputation on traditional fingerprint technology and a criminal history checking service, is exploring the role of biometrics, which identifies people by physical traits such as iris patterns and facial measurements, in policing.


Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/05/2006 - 12:38.

don't give up!
It's hard to give any advice to you since you are obviously more intelligent than most.
Count yourself lucky you've got your children as they sound better off with you than your wife.
Could you get proof from an impartial organisaion or school to show you are the full time carer. Then get residential care (do not use solicitors do it yourself)and then have an impartial party complain about your children's mother recieving centrelink payments?



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