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Submitted by Editor on Fri, 27/08/2004 - 22:43

I was doing some thinking about women and some women's attitude towards men. The feminist movement is extremely hostile towards men in this nation. Men do not challenge the National Organization of Women and yet the National Organization of Women without being challenged, initiate a campaign of total destruction and hate upon men. It is the same thing as having an island full of dodo birds and for no good reason people invade the island just to exterminate the species even though the dodo birds live in a world of their own.

david o'neal

August 27, 2004

Such an action is equated to pure cruelty. That is what the feminist keep doing. They invade the world of men and attack.

Let me give you an example of this world that men live in. You stand on a busy new york street and you close your eyes. You have just entered your own world. Another example: You notice that there is two restaurants in town,one sells pizza and the other sells chinese food. These restaurants are not in conflict with each other because they serve different foods for people with different taste. Another example: You notice a bee hive on top of a tree and you notice squirrels living underground near the tree. Neither the squirrel or the bees gives notice to each other even though they live in the same area because they are in different worlds.

The solution for men is to separate themselves from local women and connect themselves to foreign women. This would create a complete separation between a local man and a local woman. We have to create a special legal department that monitors the immigration department and challenges the immigration department in court if immigration does not give local men and foreign women more rights. We should have no other concern with the immigration department except when it deals with foreign marriage.

The women that reside in government are sympathetic to the feminist and they use their intellect to harm men. Those women attempt to draft laws that harm men even though the premise of the law states that the law should be equal.

The laws drafted by the supporters of the feminist should also apply to the feminist themselves so equality in the law could be achieved. Domestic violence laws should apply to both men and women. Any laws against marriage agencies with foreign women should also apply to women who want to get married to foreign men. The premise of these feminist is that men are violent and women are not and women have to be protected from male violence.

I disagree with that assumption because in these modern times equality in strength has been achieved with the manufacturing of hand guns and knifes. A woman has just as much strength or maybe more when she holds a gun in her hand. There is an abundance of documented cases in which men have been attacked and even killed by violent women. But those women working in government who are intelligent use their intellect to deceive society and even male law makers. They always attribute violence to men and they disregard all the mounting evidence that demonstrates that women also can get violent. The actions of those women in government is equal to discrimination and hate.

The same kind of discrimination that affected African Americans in the past. African Americans were victims of an over powering force. Men in this country are also victims of the over powering force of female lawmakers and females that work in the government. These women have a tremendous amount of power over men in society because they make laws that affect every man in our society. Even male law makers and male law enforcement agents that work for both state and federal governments are affected by those laws.That is why it is so important to remind the congress that the law is suppose to be equal and any law drafted against men must also apply towards women in our society. That is the only way to keep a fair balance in our society when you have corrupt females that have been elected into office, who use their position of power to harm men.

Those women have the concept that men are not important just like a stray dog or cat that lives on the street.

I found a solution to solve men's problems but the solution comes in the form of an experiment. You would have to analyze the experiment and then apply it to society and men's issues. The experiment comes in the form of physics.

Experiment A: You take two card board boxes and you paint one green and the other red. The green represents men and the red represents women. You take beans and pour them into the boxes. You will notice that the beans from the different boxes do not mix and therefore no conflict is produced.

Experiment B: A more complex experiment which is theoretic in nature would go like this:

You take one large cage and you put one woman and 10 men inside. You will notice that the woman takes control of the situation and manipulates the men. The men fight each other over the woman. If you connect 10 large cages to that one original cage and fill the new cages with 30 women per cage and allow only one man per new cage with lock and key for each cage, you will notice that the 10 men inside the original cage will start to leave and accommodate themselves in the new cages.

The woman from the original cage which was manipulating the men and forcing them to fight each other is now alone.

The men in their new cages would make an attempt to satisfy all the women in their environments. The men being caretakers would prevent fighting and disorder amongst the women in their cages so they can improve their environment.

Here is an example of a foreign marriage agency which simulates experiment B:http://www.loveme.com

Prostitution is against the law in most counties around the world but they can never make marriage against the law because it would be an act of human genocide where some people are allowed to procreate children and others not.

A new concept must develop in the minds of men all across this nation.

This new concept states that men have to separate themselves completely from local women and connect themselves completely to foreign women only.

This would theoretically remove all the arguments that the feminist have.

Feminist are always complaining that men are perverts but that argument would not hold true anymore because the feminist would be left alone with no men to address. Even though men and women will be mixed in society and local women and feminist will be looking at men, not a single man will be available to them.

It is not against the law for a man to tell local women and feminist the word "No". The lawmakers will never be able to make a law that forces men to tell feminist and local women the word "Yes". The ball will always be in our court, victory is ours forever.

We have to separate ourselves in society by finding methods which would create this separation.

One method which comes to mind is to document and distribute over the internet the statement that men are a separate entity from local women. This will send a clear message to the feminist that local men are not part of their society and that local men do not want to be disturbed by them and any effort on the part of the feminist to attack local men would be equal to a rape committed by the feminist on local men.

If you reject the feminist and they keep addressing you then it is a gross violation such as rape.

No feminist will put themselves in such a position because that is the argument they use against men.

If a lesbian society develops because of the lack of men then the feminist will be forced to attack other women only. Women in that lesbian society will wake up to the shock that the feminist are using them as men and attacking them in the same fashion they attacked men from the old society. The feminist will direct their hate towards women only because men will not be part of their society anymore.

You can look at women in prison to get an idea of what a society like that would look like. In women's prison women rape each other and they use each other as men. Women become violent towards other women and since there is no men to blame for their problems they attack each other classifying other women as trouble makers.

You should do more investigations into women's prisons and the attitude that women have with each other in women's prison so you can get a clear picture of the new future.

A future where men separate themselves from local women and join a society of men and foreign women. The feminist and local women will be left alone in a large female prison they will call "their society".

You can create this complete separation by developing different methods. These method are unknown to us right now but only through research and development can we create these methods for the separation.

One method that comes to my mind is to document an idea and place the idea on the internet so the feminist can be aware of the rule.

This is what the rule would do.

Suppose you have two people and a table and one person owns an orange and that person puts the orange on the table and tells the other not to pick up the orange because that orange belongs to him. That person with the orange has just created an idea which has become a rule. If the other person picks up the orange then the person who picked up the orange will be accused of breaking the rule. If the person who owns the orange does not create the idea which becomes a rule then the person picking up the orange can not be accused of breaking the rule or more importantly the person picking up the orange will not restrict himself from picking up the orange.

Such an idea will be a powerful wall which creates a separation.

A statement that can be placed on the internet that comes to my mind right now would be "Men in society and foreign women are separating themselves from local women completely. Men and foreign women do not want to be addressed or bothered by feminist or local women because our societies are different. Both men and foreign women agree to this idea and both men and foreign women can choose to disagree with this idea and leave such a society when they choose.

If feminist address our society or bother us then they will be in gross violation of our human rights.

We do not want feminist or local women to talk about us on a public airwave because that would disturb our peace and the feminist and local women will be in criminal violation of disturbing the peace." There may be legal ramifications against the feminist and if not then there will be social condemnation against the feminist. If there is social condemnation then local women and the feminist will be embarrassed and humiliated by society. This will stop them from addressing local men and foreign women.

Remember that local men and foreign women are a team which stand against the feminist.

The feminist want men to be sexually deprived so they could have control over men. If a man does not want to approach a local woman or a feminist because he has a foreign wife then the control for the feminist is gone forever. When a foreign woman defends men against the feminist by condemning feminist or local women then the feminist and local women can not defend themselves from such an attack because it is two women that are fighting and no man is involved.

Feminist will not destroy their image and good standing in their new lesbian society by arguing with a woman because women will see feminist as a hostile enemy that can turn against them.

You may even want to create a magna carta which resembles a constitution which would clearly define and separates the two societies. The society of feminist and local women and the society of both men and foreign women.

I have seen this being done by corporations which create bylaws to define their corporate structures. This magna carta would have to be left open to improvements so progress can continue. Evolution works in the same way. You can call it "evolutionary amendments". If a truth is created then that truth can be replaced by a greater truth. If a non-truth is created then a truth will replace the non-truth so the magna carta will always bare the truth and you will always be correct. The internet will have to be left open to all forms of discussion because communication is important. The internet can be equated to foreign embassies which were created to open up a system of communication in times of crises. I hope you take this method and improve on it and create other methods of separation so men can finally free themselves from all the pain and agony that women are putting them through.

Argument feminist may use:

If the feminist complain that they are being controlled then I would tell them that both men and foreign women are consenting adults with free willpower and if women and men choose to stay away from local women and the feminist, then there is nothing the feminist or local women can do about that because the constitution allows people in this nation the right to be free and to choose.

I always hear that it is a crime to get near a woman but I have never head of it being a crime to stay away from a woman.

The minds of feminist are twisted and sick. We all know why women will run away from the feminist and local women and run into our society and stay there. Because it is better on the other side when a female is attracted to masculinity.

The main rule of this new male society will be that women can choose to leave the male society but they can never return once they leave.

Tell men that they can start a 'CHRISTIAN CHURCH FOR MEN'S RIGHTS'. There is less legal restrictions and no financial reporting to the I.R.S. because of the first amendment rights. I discovered this in a legal book.

They can address men's issues only and the betterment of men in society and religion.

If a anyone tries to question your church you can tell them that Jesus was a man and the son of a father who is holly, majestic and powerful. If the holly father wanted women to be worshiped then he would have had a daughter. This will stop them from arguing with you.


The creation of a 'national men's corporation' which would be a for-profit corporation which would take its funds and solely use it to support marriages between local men and foreign women to create the separation between (foreign women/local men) and (feminist/local women).

The corporation would be worth 200 billion dollars and gross an estimated 400 to 600 million dollars per year. The corporation would offer free to low cost health insurance for local men who marry foreign women. The corporation would lobby for better immigration laws that favor foreign marriages.

The corporation would offer a free employment agency to local men that are married to foreign women. The corporation would offer a number of other resources to local men and foreign wives and it would have a research department that would develop a more solid structure to the separation. The corporation can create a free franchise package that would allow men a chance to share profits if they develop a good business plan that would help men who are married to foreign wives.

The free franchise package would only license out the name of a new for-profit corporation and give a start up grant to men who want to open up their own corporation which helps men who are married to foreign women. No franchise fees would be collected and no responsibility of debt would be incurred by the parent corporation. Free corporate business assistance and legal aide and usage of the parent corporation name would be given in exchange for the commitment to help men of foreign wives. If a foreign woman was the wife of a local man she would get access to free resources from these corporations for the rest of her life.

The qualifications would be that she has to have been foreign even though she may hold legal residency or citizenship at the moment of application and she has to have been married to a local man. Children of these marriages can also qualify for free resources up until the death of their father.

No one will be hurt by this because governments will always be here and they will always give welfare to local women.

This just gives aide to people that never had access to any help.

All this is important to finally rid ourselves of those feminist and their hate. What man can stand being a victim of female aggression? Spending 12 years in prison for accusations of rape and losing ones job and not being able to get another job because of accusations of sexual harassment is no spring vacation. Paying taxes will not guarantee men a better life. Only working together with other men and developing real solutions to men's problems will create a better life for all men in this nation.

Please share this information with other men and men's rights organization.

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