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Submitted by Editor on Fri, 29/10/2004 - 19:51

I have sent you this email because I thought you might know of some young people with the potential to be great leaders.

Attached is some information about the Future Leaders programme. It is for 17-25 year olds across NZ and it begins in March next year.

More details (including online application) are available on www.leadership.auckland.ac.nz

In short, this is a programme designed to develop a young person's ability to lead in whatever field they are interested in. It may be the arts, business, community, politics or sport. The programme is looking for people with the passion to make their mark, and a desire to lead.

Please feel free to forward this email on to people young and old. It would be great to let as many young people know about this opportunity as possible.

Kind regards
Mary Logue
04 499 8943
027 223 3846

Bruce Dyer / Harideva
October 27, 2004

From: marylogue@xtra.co.nz
Sent: Friday, 22 October 2004
Subject: Opportunity for young leaders...

New Zealand Leaders Institute - Future Leaders Programme.

The New Zealand Leadership Institute has been established to enhance the understanding of leadership in New Zealand and ensure that the country has talented and skilled leaders who will develop, guide and advance our organisations and communities.

One of the key briefs of the New Zealand Leadership Institute is to work with young leaders to build their awareness and ability to impact on the development of New Zealand.

In order to achieve this, we are launching a Future Leaders programme in early 2005 for 17-25 year olds who have shown the energy and intent to be leaders.

Future Leaders Programme Structure

The 18-month programme takes a holistic approach to leadership development through which the participants build an awareness of themselves as leaders, how they relate to others and how they behave as leaders within different contexts. The multifaceted programme incorporates diverse learning mechanisms including discussion of theory, capability assessment, reflective practice, experiential activities, forums with established leaders, and active projects in the community. These activities are undertaken via face to face workshops held across the country, virtual forums and self-directed learning. The programme challenges each participant to create development initiatives specific to them within the supportive environment provided by the Institute.

The Future Leaders programme is not a full-time programme and does not provide a qualification. It is intended instead to be complementary to the academic or work endeavours being undertaken by the participants.

Who are we looking for?

Sixty participants will be selected for the first intake, which commences in early 2005. The Institute's brief is to be national in both reach and relevance and as a result, we are inviting young leaders from across the country to apply. We are looking for young people who have shown the initiative to get involved and seek out leadership experiences.

Through this programme we are seeking to enhance the leadership capacity in every facet of the community from social endeavour to politics, from business to environmental. Therefore we are focussed on engaging young people who represent diversity in terms of their background and areas of interest.

Selection Process

The selection process has two stages. The first stage, which is underway, involves completing an online application and engaging two people to endorse this application. These applications and endorsements must be submitted by November 15th 2004 and a selection panel will then assess the applications received.

Applicants successful in the first stage will be invited to participate in the second stage involving further assessment of their leadership and learning capacity.

The successful applicants will be selected and informed in early 2005.

Your Assistance

We would greatly appreciate your assistance to spread the word, apply or encourage the young leaders you know to apply.

Our website www.leadership.auckland.ac.nz/futureleaders has further detail about the programme and application process.

We look forward to working with you and thank you in advance for your assistance in encouraging the exceptional leadership talent that exists within every corner of New Zealand.



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