[Altnews] What level playing field?

Submitted by Editor on Sat, 29/05/2004 - 13:07

Once again, the lurks and perks of our Federal politicians has been thrust before the public, this time courtesy of SA Liberal MP Ms Trish Draper, who apparently shouted her boyfriend a trip around the UK, Ireland and Europe, at taxpayer expense.

Queensland Independent Senate Team


Subject: 'What level playing field?'
Date: Tuesday 25 May 2004

It appears that Ms Draper 'ticked all the boxes' to comply with the requirements for the trip and has, since the publicity, agreed to refund the money. But this makes a disturbing statement and demonstrates that the administration is bereft of any conscience, principle or morality, and is totally immune from any public accountability.

The entitlement of Federal politicians to undertake 'study trips abroad' is part of the remuneration package that we pay them. You may recall the last furore was over the inordinately 'generous superannuation package' available to politicians, and before that the 'travel rorts' disclosure.

As our elected party politicians appear to have some difficulty in understanding the meaning of a 'spouse', it would be a simply exercise for Prime Minister Howard to obtain the official interpretation of the word from either Centrelink, the Taxation Commissioner or even the Immigration Department.

This would then put the politicians on the same 'level playing field' as ordinary taxpayers.

Selwyn Johnston
Candidate and TeamLeader
Queensland Independent Senate Team

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