Amnesty exposes Israel's war crimes - Green Left Weekly #681, August 30, 2006 *

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On August 23, human rights group Amnesty International accused Israel of committing war crimes. Amnesty said that the pattern and scope of Israel's bombing campaign in Lebanon, statements by Israeli officials and the scale of damage inflicted on civilian infrastructure "indicated that such destruction was deliberate and part of a military strategy, rather than 'collateral damage'".
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* ISRAEL: Government faces pressure over war's conduct
* Zionist state the root cause of Mideast conflict

John Pilger: 'Support GLW!'

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Howard backs oil companies' rip-off

Oil companies are raking-in record profits, while most working people in
Australia are paying more for transport and groceries. The plan that PM
John Howard announced on August 14 -- ostensibly to ease the impact of
high petrol prices on ordinary motorists -- will instead further line the
pockets of the big oil companies, including with a direct subsidy of
$100 million for on- and off-shore oil and gas exploration. [Full


International News

# Amnesty exposes Israel's war crimes
# ISRAEL: Government faces pressure over war's conduct
# Zionist state the root cause of Mideast conflict
# IRAQ: Pentagon official: Insurgency more popular than ever
# UNITED STATES: New backdoor draft
# John Pilger: 'The real threat we face is Blair'
# EAST TIMOR: Australia holds up UN mission
# INDONESIA: Australian company culpable in toxic mud flows
# VENEZUELA: Oil, revolution and socialism
# UNITED STATES: CIA announces new mission in Venezuela and Cuba
# VENEZUELA: Opening universities to the poor
# MEXICO: Huge political crisis rocks country
# BOLIVIA: Moving 'from words to action'
# SOUTH AFRICA: Breaks appearing in Tripartite Alliance?


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In Brief

# UNITED STATES: Opposition to Iraq war at all-time high
# VENEZUELA: Government collects money for Lebanon reconstruction
# CHILE: Miners continue strike
# BRITAIN: Soldiers bound for Iraq quit
# PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Australian company causes oil spill

Regular Features

# Loose Cannons
# Write On: Letters to the Editor
# Editorial: Repeal all abortion laws now!
# Our Common Cause: Five years after Tampa: Howard pushed back
# Green Left Weekly's 250,000 Fighting Fund: Join the army, see the world,
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Comment and Analysis

# Howard's phoney petrol price 'relief' plan
# Murri community mobilise
# Sign up for Sam Watson
# WA unionist: 'Don't ever sit back'
# Howard's history wars offensive in schools
# Israel's shame and Lebanon's misery
# Fighting racism on campus
# Queer youth fight back
# Doubtful justice in Lodhi sentencing
# Solidarity in the campaign for a just peace

Cultural Dissent

# A stinging indictment of the capitalist food system
# Australian Christians: Holy Spirit with only a right wing?

Australian News

# Forums discuss victims of 'war on terror'
# Boeing workers' defiance gets results
# Solidarity with the 'Melbourne 13'
# Election campaign launched at Victoria's 'Guantanamo'
# Cleaners protest against wage cuts
# Unionist picket Liberal Party conference
# Justice for Lebanon and Palestine rally
# Gay couple protests census discrimination
# Fines threaten unionists' homes
# Concern for human rights
# UNSW staff plan action on job losses
# Teachers' union fights grading system
# Anti-whaling ship visits Melbourne
# Ipswich print plant to close
# Council reaffirms anti-nuke stance
# Anti-nuclear submission
# Compass Resources inspected by activists
# Anti-nuclear submission

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