Anarchy at its best... drugs, goons, guns and death!

Submitted by Callemity on Mon, 15/01/2007 - 12:12

So... You want anarchy? You fucking got it!- by callemity

The Great Decider, ruler of nothing but the corrupt, owner of nothing but the usurped and commander of the biggest military travesty in modern history has 'decided' that he above all experts, all soldiers, all advise and all public opinion that 'He Knows Best' and all the US People can do is - whine some more with the cheesy platitudes that mean nothing?

*Here's some reality check points for the majority that call themselves US Citizens:*

In the Afghanistan Caves where Bin Laden was allegedly 'holed up' is probably a massive cartel of opium producers... why aren't the US Special Forces going in there with great prejudice to check and reveal the wicked people behind the 6000 tons of opium coming out of Afghanistan?

I propose it is because the Great Decider doesn't want that to happen because it'll amply *explode* the myths that the Taliban are responsible and very clearly expose the 'true producers' of death globally... the Taliban had shot enough poppy people quite dead prior to the invasion to drop the Afghanistan supply to *less* than 20% of the worlds 'quota'... *Continue Reading >>*

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Anarchy at its best... drugs, goons, guns and death!
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Anarchy doesn't mean without

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 13/08/2007 - 08:38.

Anarchy doesn't mean without order, anarchy means without leaders.



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