...And Then They Came for the Kids: An Aussie Police State

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What is the Queensland Department of Child Safety?
...And to what extent do they carry out their vision of creating, "confident children and young people who are safe and valued...?"

Kens Comment: Well! What about you and your cronies come clean, mate. Beattie, you are a product of a broken home yourself and all have been told how child abuse is ongoing amongst victims. Want to step up and take me on ... or are you going to hide behind legislation that is supposed to prevent people from suing you for ongoing system child abuse? Look carefully at the Act, then tell me where the judicial relief provision is hidden, MATE. All these children have been stolen because your Act is illegal, mate.

Read on, for a kids-eye view of the QLD Dept. of Child Safety...

From the Mouth of Babe's, Part I

Monday, 18 April 2005

Dear Mr. Peter Beattie,

I am eight years old and have been forced to go to unusual measures to get your attention and ask you to perform your duty of care towards the charges of my home state, Queensland. What has happened to my family and I must not happen to any other family in your charge and under your duty of care.

On the 6th of September, 2004 in Central Queensland, two Child Protection Officers kidnapped me and placed me into the protective custody of the State of Queensland.

I was seized from my family and forced into the care of a stranger, despite the Department having had less than a full hour of contact with my family. Your Department used lies and false allegations against my family to get that original three day Order, Mr. Beattie.

I have been told that telling lies to policemen and Judges is very wrong but your Officers have told lies about my family many times, even though my family have proven to the Department that they were lies. I think you should do something about your Department telling lies. It’s very wrong, Mr. Beattie.

I might only be eight but I can think for myself. I didn’t get a chance to tell the Department what I thought from the 6th of September, 2004 through to the end of November, 2004. My family contacted your office for me and was told to approach the Minister. The Ministers Office said that they’d look into the situation but no one has ever told my family if they did!

Your office was due to respond formally by the middle of December, Mr. Beattie. It is now the middle of April and my family and I are still wondering when you will formally respond to our questions about your Department?

My family have sent many letters to your Department, to the Minister and to your Office and no one has written back to us except for the Crimes and Misconduct Commission and Mrs. Liz Cunningham, Member for Gladstone.

Mrs. Cunningham referred the first three days to the CMC, Mr. Beattie, and she hasn’t even seen what happened to my family next! The CMC referred it directly to the Departments own internal affairs unit, and we’re waiting to see if the Department has any answers for their bad behaviour towards my family and I.

I wasn’t allowed to talk to my family for 28 days, Mr. Beattie. I had to break the law and sneak to ring them because I was so sad. Your department refused to let me get counseling in the strange school I was made go to. I was sent 450kms from my home, Mr. Beattie, because Sherri Lea Gormley (child protection officer) accused my parents of doing bad things that they proved they didn’t do. I wasn’t allowed to even talk to my sisters!

I wasn’t told I was allowed to complain to anyone if I thought it was wrong. My parents and uncle explained to me that I have ‘rights’. I didn’t know what a ‘right’ was, Mr. Beattie but now I do, I have some questions for you and your Minister and your Department.

My first question to you is:

Section 4:
4 Purpose of Act

The purpose of this Act is to provide for the protection of children.

Mr. Beattie, if this is true, I would like you to explain how almost three months passed before I was able to speak to an Officer, why I was denied formally requested counseling from a State School and why I was not told that I had ‘rights’?

Question 2:

Section 5:

My question to you, Mr. Beattie, is - under Section 5, subsection 2 and subclause D –

(2) Subject to subsection (1), this Act is also to be administered under the following principles-

(d) powers conferred under this Act should be exercised in a way that is open, fair and respects the rights of people affected by their exercise, and, in particular, in a way that ensures--

(i) actions taken, while in the best interests of the child, maintain family relationships and are supportive of individual rights and ethnic, religious and cultural identity or values; and

(ii) the views of the child and the child's family are considered; and

(iii) the child and the child's parents have the opportunity to take part in making decisions affecting their lives;

Why did your Department formally call my entire family liars, and deny them any right to complain properly, to ask for clarification properly or to be treated with some respect and kindness?

Why did your Department refuse to even give my parents the right of response and a right to argue with the Departments ‘view’?

Why didn’t an Officer come and see me for almost three months, didn’t call me to ask me how I felt about being taken away from my family and not allowed to even call them?

Why did I have to lie to the Department about breaking the law and ringing my mother because I was so lonely and afraid because no one could tell me anything and I was a long way from home in a strange town and a new school?

Why did my parents have to call all the known watchdog groups before your Department even deemed fit to come and see me personally, even though they had to drive past my school twice in the two months before they did come and see me?

Are you the man that can actually find out why my family and I were treated so badly? I hope so, because I would like you and your department to explain why you have any reason to hurt people like my family has been hurt.

I didn’t know that I had a ‘right’ to ring up some people who could make the Department do the right thing, Mr. Beattie. I think that is part of the things your Officers should do, don’t you? Tell little kids like me what we are and aren’t allowed to do so that we don’t get into trouble anymore?

I never got to say what I wanted to happen in my life, Mr. Beattie, I was ignored and my parents were told I was too young and that they were just making it worse by making the Department come and explain it to me.

My uncle had to explain to me that I could ring any of the numbers of the two sheets of paper I was given by Nicole Bellchambers and Jodi Johnston – and they didn’t tell me that it was ok to call and complain because I thought they didn’t do a good job with me and my family!

The Officers keep telling my family that they can’t do their jobs properly because you won’t give them enough money or Officers. Shame on you, Mr. Beattie, my mother taught me that you should admit it if you can’t fix something properly. If you can’t fix the Department properly, then why don’t you find someone else that can? That’s what I’d do, ask someone else who will know!

But I want to know what you think of this, Mr. Beattie, because I can’t find any other way to get your attention. My family have been to hell and back because of your Department, and we all want answers.

I was taught if it doesn’t make sense, keep asking until it does, but every time my family asks questions, it’s told to move forward and not look into the past.

Mr. Beattie, if your Department looks into the past, they will understand there is no ‘future’ that they can be part of and never was. My family was sick.

I was sick. My twin sisters and brother were sick and so was my mother. We’ve all got really bad intolerances and allergies to food and other stuff. Your department called my parents liars even though they told the truth about it.

I was so sick that I was being naughty. My brother and sisters were too and my mother was too sick to even drive the car. No doctors knew what was wrong with us, Mr. Beattie.

It wasn’t until my parents rang a lot of doctors and hospitals all over Queensland and found out that there were tests that we could do that we found out what was wrong with us.

I had the tests done and it seems that I shouldn’t eat beef or dairy products, or eat things like celery or strawberries, porridge or even eggs! I think that you should do some research, Mr. Beattie. Normal foods make me very sick and they make me do very bad things that I don’t do when I am not eating them.

I am very angry that your Department didn’t tell me what I was allowed to do. I am very angry that your Department still doesn’t know what might make me ill and naughty if I was taken from my family again. I am very angry that your Department still doesn’t listen to my family when we say that we’re doing alright now, and don’t need them to keep threatening us.

Part II is coming any minute....

Have you, or someone you know, had a similar experience? Going through one now? Contact us with your story or situation. Why? As one of our own aptly points out:

"The most effective fashion to cause change is to unify individual causes into a single, co-operative - but individually designed - entity in order to present a groundwork for a collective of mutually beneficial causes and their accumulative leaders."

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Sounds like crap to me!

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 07/03/2007 - 11:53.

C'mon get real. Do you think anyone really believes this crap. Wouldn't it be nice to get the state's response to this? I bet you that it would be a very different story and ta dah ...... your parents would be child abusers and liers and you would be the poor manipulated little child - given that it looks like your parents wrote this article anyway, otherwise your a genius child that can quote an act that most 8 year old wouldn't know existed in the first place.

and then they came for the kids.

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 06/12/2006 - 21:57.

this sounds like a mad up movie by someone well over the age of twelve at least. who could believe an 8 year old wrote this.

and then they came for the kids

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 06/12/2006 - 21:27.

yes i agree that no way a 8 year old wrote this and one must ask why person or persons have claimed this please.child abuse is a very serious and people claiming a child wrote this is not doing the cause any good.

and then they came for the kids

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 26/11/2006 - 20:44.

Firstly why won't this sign put up real names? secondly this is nothing unusual and I have seen and read these issues many times before in fighting issues. However, As a fighter on child abuse, no way has this been written by a 8 year old. So why claim that this is the case



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