ANOTHER Cairns death over child custody...

Submitted by Selwyn Johnston on Tue, 23/01/2007 - 11:16

- by Selwyn Johnston

Monday 22 January 2007

It is again with great sadness to advise that a 29 year old Cairns mother, denied access to her daughter, committed suicide early yesterday morning (Sunday, 21 January) in the Cairns CBD area, just two (2) days before Attorney-General Philip Ruddock announces yet another round of Family Court legislation amendments.

Cairns and surrounding districts' adversely affected fathers, mothers, grandparents, non-custodial extended families and supporters are expected to express their frustration at the current draconian Family Court system, which deprives children of EQUAL parenting and responsibility, at a peaceful rally tomorrow (Tuesday 23 January).

Participants taking part in the tomorow's peaceful rally, being held outside the Federal Family Court building, will assemble at the car park entrance, 36 Shield Street (between Grafton & Lake Streets) at 12.15 pm for a silent vigil. Appropriate signage is encouraged.

Members of the general community are invited to join representatives from the Cairns & District Grandparents Support Group and Equal Parenting (Cairns) who will also be in attendance.

For further information contact Selwyn Johnston on 0418 243 652

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ANOTHER Cairns death over child custody...
Date: Yesterday 20:14:59
From: Selwyn Johnston
To: Leichhardt Independent - 2007

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Child custody

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 14/03/2007 - 15:54.

My partner is a beautiful loving parent. He is not allowed even 50% access to his children under current legislation. Despite providing his depressed, medicated, ex spouse with whatever finances, assets or assistance she could dream up. These children are now stuck with spending most of their time without their father. We cannot prove that she is not fit to remain the 'primary care giver'. On the rare occasions that we see the children they cry when they have to leave.
That is real life... It's disgusting that he's considered responsible enough to provide financially but not allowed rights to be a father and see his kids half of the time!!

to suicide over custody

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 24/01/2007 - 22:08.

All well to judge from your ivory tower , how about you just stop for one minute if it isn't too much of your valuable time and put on the shoes of some one less fortunate than you.

Now if you had any sort of heart or love within side you, you just might know how it feels to be ripped apart from the inside and when you are feeling your lowest that any lowlife scumbag piece of shit could make you feel then, and only then you might have the right to criticize! in the mean time get a f#ckin life loser!

Suicide over custody.

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 24/01/2007 - 05:20.

Any mother who would do that to a child isn't probably the kind of mother who would model strong character building skills. Unfortunately it was the kind of mother this child had. But that's a terrible burden to place on a child. which, (although I normally work for attorneys), explains how attorneys use family court as a full employment act, and additionally, media bias.

No media organization sources a beat reporter for family court, although it's the one court people most use.

For a list of mostly men parents killing their children, or the children of their girlfriends, see which lists the killings alphabetically, by state.

As such would very much appreciating further coverage on family court for what it is; a business.

The courts are quite pleased both the Father's rights groups, and Mother's rights groups distract from the fact judges continue acting as sales reps for every attorney, therapist, supervised visitation monitor and "anger management" non-profit to come down the pike; making the divorce industry a full employment act.
Not that anger management classes, actually work.

The facts are the same throughout the world; More men kill women than the reverse. It follows that now, some aren't opting for divorce at all, (the Scott Peterson mindset), yet misogyny is also in the press.

Which explains why the Scott Peterson mindset, men who opt for murder instead of a divorce, is ever increasing yet seldom reported in scope. Now it's gotten worse. Some blame the kid.

Dad blames Daughter in Wife's Murder

A male dominated press explains why national stats of men murdering women, and themselves isn't treated as the horror it is.

More details at
(which includes California, where 80% of murdered women are murdered at the hands of their "intimate partner.")

A male dominated press also explains why so many women are killed without widespread attention.
(And more bad news; it's getting worse.)

As such
recommends boycotting Memphis' Cumberland House Publishers for recently inking a deal with Stephen Baskerville for his skewed view, entitled "Taken Into Custody" a book about poor abused men. Baskerville's website lists skewed stats.

(In this regard the title, "Taken for a Ride" seems more appropriate for the public who should avoid this claptrap.)

Unfortunately, Cumberland House Publishing decided Baskerville has the right idea. Yes, it's men who are abused.

Although misogyny is also in law school and law firms,
Enough is enough.

Cumberland House Publishers has sunk to a new low to make a huge profit. Not that Cumberland is Concerned with Facts. Their website already has disclaimers out from other publications.

But that's not the point. The point is to sell books no matter the facts.

You may be surprised to learn how profitable domestic violence is for local police departments. I was
Most of that is at

But it shakes out like this:
Domestic violence, (such a nice name for murder and assault) actually benefits police departments in getting equipment for police personnel, such as bullet-proof vests to wear to calls they choose to answer. However, in a really Spectacular twist of pretzel logic, the U.S. Supreme Court in Castle Rock vs. Gonzales, ruled the police are not required to Enforce restraining orders.

So thanks to DOJU and the Office On Violence Against Women, the police request through grants in conjunction Family Justice Centers, bullet-proof vests, so they are now safer when answering calls they chose which; Does Not Include Calls From Women To Enforce Restraining Orders.

That's when I began wondering why the police are spending so much time pushing restraining orders.

Discovered the police are Raking in grant money for bullet-proof vests, nation wide from the Office On Violence Against Women

Women however, are not receiving much in the way of help, (counseling, education, emergency shelter) from the Office On Violence Against Women.

The main artery for police department to apply being through various "Family Justice Centers."
Click below and scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see these Family Justice Centers are popping up faster than zits on a teenagers face.

They began in San Diego, courtesy of our former City Attorney, Casey Gwinn...who spent most of his time in City Hall, lobbying in Washington D.C. for the first Family Justice Center; although his is a Private non-profit. I'm sure they could be ingrained in the money loop they are already...not that they work;

If you'd like to know a little of my background, it's below.

In what passes for my normal life I work with attorneys who are clients of, a 'no hype pr firm."
See below. (I'm the only "R" entry)

However, I created after noticing a number of
individuals practicing therapy and law sans license...with the full knowledge of DAs, various State Bars, and Boards of Psychology which didn't seem to mind.
and in the case of Ron Lais...a trial.
also, Lais trying to litigate, from prison

to the completely out of touch suicide over custody

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 28/01/2007 - 22:38.

You have definitely got a complex of guilt, and have probably contributed to the death of some innocent person or persons, so don't try and justify yourself, admit your to yourself what you have done and take responsibility for the lives you have destroyed before you hurt anybody else.

to the person who who wrote suicide over custody

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 27/01/2007 - 23:13.

WHAT? you are a fu#$ing di#khead, what planet are you from, you have no idea of the real world, get out of your bubble and interact with mainstream society, not the elusive club of child stealers.

RE: Above

Submitted by davistown on Wed, 24/01/2007 - 22:08.

by sound of ur above message u are an abused women with mental and psychological problems and are a member of DoCS. I am sick of you guys coming in to this site posting crap trying to convince people u are so innocent and butter wouldnt melt in your mouths. I believe DoCS should be shut down and a full parlimentary investigation and royal commision launched into DoCS and ANY staff of DoCS who have had a hand in any deaths in children should be jailed for life.
The poor mum who commited suicide not unstable she obviouly been screwed over by DoCS and a loving mum. You dont understand this due to your mental issues and u prob never have had kids. If you have kids i hope they will be taken off you for no reason and told you will never see them or contact them again or hear how their health is then see how you cope.



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