Another DoCS Episode...

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Tue, 26/06/2007 - 16:12

I have just spent the morning trying to locate my 5yr old son, under the care of the Department of Child Safety. It appears they lost him awhile also today.

I left work to be home before 11am for our contact visit this morning. By 11:25am, I began ringing to search for my son and the CSO bringing him.

I began with the Department, only to be told that all Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors are in a meeting and can't be disturbed. I reminded the junior on the switchboard that this was an urgent matter - a child is missing, under the care of the DoCS. She responded by hanging up on me.

I then called the JAB - also to be told that all offiers are on jobs. Left a message, but didn't receive feedback so I then called Desley Boyle's office - whom, once again, didn't care, followed by a call to Jann Stuckey's office (Shadow Minister Child Safety) to notify them that my son was missing. It was now midday, and not one officer of the Dept. had contacted me still!

I continued with my frantic search, ending up calling 000 and having a helpful Policeman go look into this. He has recently returned my call to tell me he had no luck with the Dept. either.

I also slotted a call into Channel 7, newspapers (not The Cairns Post of course) an Investigative Journalist I have been working with, as well as calling the Dept. back as many times as I could.

Eventually, the Dept. bitch on the switch, must have gone to lunch and lo and behold - the next receptionist at least attempted to look for someone to help me.

I have notified the Police and everybody else I involved in this search, that the junior receptionist IS NOT PERMITTED to involve herself in private matters of the Depts. clients. In fact, she has one use for us - take a message and pass it on and she DOESN'T HAVE TO!!!

Eventually, some 150mins later, I received a call from the CSO telling me they had run into problems and were having staff problems as well.

I reminded him that this was not my concern, and that a telephone call to say so within the first half hour of the visit, would have been much more suitable way to explain the tardiness.

This is how we destroy small children - keep them pining for their families, keep them without one-on-one emotional love, and eventually, they don't even really know what role you play in their lives anymore.

Be assured - my son has been kept away from me for 6 MONTHS - PURELY ON ADJOURNMENTS - NOTHING ELSE!!!

God Bless anyone dealing with the Department of Child Safety in any manner.

Stay strong, let's keep fighting for our human rights, keep sending those briefs and summaries off to whomever you feel you need to know. Just because we have asked the CMC for a Royal Commission Inquiry, doesn't mean we can sit back and wait. In fact, as suggested by some parents, things are beginning to move in some areas and often the Dept. are negating their initial reasons for involvement.

This often happens around the time of any type of inquiry - let's not forget that a similar inquiry was made some 3 years ago. The DoCS are way over-budgeted and sleeping well with their counterpart buddies - MENTAL HEALTH - also grossly mis-funded!




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