[AuGovSpin] Torpedo and 'battlelab' research for RAN expanded at DSTO

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DSTO 16/04
Monday 5 July, 2004
Two new laboratories at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation's Adelaide facility will ensure continued leading edge support to the Royal Australian Navy in torpedo research and 'battlelab' experimentation.

Kens Comment: Who is the 'enemy'?

DSTO today opened two new, state of the art maritime research buildings at its Edinburgh location, north of Adelaide.

The two buildings were officially opened by Australia's Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie.

The new laboratory, known as the Maritime Experimentation Laboratory (MEL), will significantly extend DSTO's battlelab capability, enabling vastly expanded research into naval warfighting concepts using computer simulation.

The Torpedo Systems Centre (TSC) will expand DSTO's scientific support to the development of the Mk48 Advanced Capability heavyweight torpedo being developed for the Collins Class submarine.

The two purpose-built laboratories cost more than $2.5 million to construct and will support a range of ongoing maritime research programs. Sophisticated equipment in the labs will also assist in developing new technologies to increase DSTO's support of Navy research programs.

Dr Nanda (D) Nandagopal, Director of DSTO's Systems Sciences Laboratory, said the MEL has been built to host a range of Network Centric Warfare experiments in a 'virtual warfare environment'.

'The new facilities in the MEL include a control room - where virtual maritime experiments take place across a variety of networked computers - along with an observation area where scientists can observe and comment on experiments and participants without interfering,' Dr Nandagopal said.

'Work will focus on maritime tactical experimentation, including simulating combat situations and complex fleet battle experiments with human interaction.'

Dr Nandagopal said experienced Navy personnel would work closely with DSTO researchers to take part in these experiments, which will help define future requirements for a variety of maritime combat capabilities.

The TSC will support DSTO's extensive torpedo research program, including development of new techniques for tracking and detecting incoming torpedos.

'DSTO researchers are currently working with scientists from the United States Naval Undersea Warfare Centre, using the TSC's sophisticated modelling and simulation tools to further develop the new Mk48 heavyweight torpedo.

'This virtual testing and development will monitor the Mk48's performance in a range of situations, reducing the technical risks and limiting the number of costly torpedo test-firings to save the Australian Defence Force money.'

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