Australian Men - the 'hidden family taxes'.

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From: callemity
Date: Tues, Feb 14 2006

It's hardly a secret that about half the adult unions in this country divorce/break down. The over stretched Family Court System testifies to this week to week. However, Australians participate and believe in one of the most 'ineffective' Government programs created in this country so far in its shortish political autonomy. I refer to The Child Support Agency of Australia.

(Kens Comment) There are a lot more articles exposing this atrocity here and also on , the public site and main boards. (63 members)

The theory is fantastic - have both parents paying to support the Aussie kids (of the inglorious pastime, Divorce) that they 'produce' haphazardly or on purpose. The concept was even slightly realistic - it isn't working asking them to do this on their own, so the Government dreamed up the CSA in 1989 to address these issues.

The underlying social message was very sound. If you have children, male or female, the system expects you to actually do the right thing by them and not expect Society to support you and those children (entirely - we have a very generous welfare system in that respect). Kids come first - a very moving, noble cause for any Government to take on. The reality is that it's been even less effective than gun laws have been and - now folks are at risk of being jailed for failing to comply with a subjective, biased taxation system that discriminates in the majority against fathers/non custodial parents.

I acknowledge thoroughly that this country is spending too much tax payer money on 'welfare' that could/should/would be avoided if only the people themselves would cease being irresponsible - however, 'bastards' have existed throughout all history, taken the thrones and crowns as their own and survived despite the concept of having unmarried parents causing great consternation to the population overall.

There is a problem in this country - and it's not the men. It's the women and the ideals that are conflicting the values of femalehood in this country out of all proportion to an extent where the men are at the stage of revolting against system altogether, renouncing any rights whatsoever on the females behalf to his sperm (thus, 18 year lease on his wallet) and remaining single and childless - permanently. In many cases, the younger brothers have absolutely no intentions of, or interests in 'Family Man Life'. Who the hell can blame them?

One of the Night Time Current Affairs shows recently lifted a corner of the tin foil lid of ignorance that this country engages in about 'women' in general - about one in four Australian women (collecting CS) are [statistically] liars and cheats. Now, for the record, I have four children and three different fathers. The father of my eldest took one look at the situation, remembered his fathers shot gun view on his sister turning up expecting and promptly headed off over the border until just last year when some 16 years later he thought to resume some interest in his own child... my twins are from my first marriage (which happened 12 months after my child's birth, following me returning to work) and my ex husband is now deceased and the last is from my second and still standing marriage. I also have two step children who live with their mother. I am reasonably well qualified to speak as a single parent, a step parent, and married parent/mother. I'm not religious, I don't care if someones parents were or were not married and - I'm not sitting in judgment of all single parents... I am currently narrating a diatribe against my very selfish, system enabled sisterhood that has indeed become little else but a systemhood of discrimination against men in Australia (or elsewhere in some cases).

This country is a female chauvanists utopic haven. As a female, you are not expected to do 'much' except as Costello suggests - have one for him, one for her and - one for the Country. You are still expected to complete school, get some little job, look cute enough to 'get married, have kids, buy a house' and 'fulfil every dream your mum and dad ever had for 'happy families'... That's the ideal that little girls in this country grow up with, alongside - but any old time it gets too hard, someone must be 'abusing you' rather than you are a brat that won't grow up and face reality, who won't learn to budget to buy the overpriced house that is now considered a good 'starter' home... who believes she is entitled to anything let alone everything because she has had 'children'.

Girls can be 'anything they want' - including taking up vanity trade apprenticeships which suddenly lose all their shine when they find themselves 'accidently pregnant' and unable to compete with the 'fit and able men' who are working 'with her' and thus, she suddenly becomes a liability and gets offended. It's true - women all over this country find themselves in a male orientated trade, pregnant and wanting special treatment for a perfectly normal function that they simply wish to 'pretend is someone else's problem'. It's not your bosses problem you wish to have a baby - make arrangements to 'survive fiscally' before you get pregnant. You have choices. You are an adult. Learn to make sacrifices - which might be never having children or never having that 'over priced home' that 'looks good' but makes your pregnancy someone else's problem.

However - it gets even worse in that scenario... if this 'baby' is actually a 'second family baby' - your ex husband also gets to pay more child support while you force the entire system to compensate you for your pregnancy and brood mare contribution to this nations population - because when your own income goes down because you are having someone else's baby - the Government introduces a new, secret, silent and very unfair 'tax' on your ex, and he has to pay more child support for his children because and solely because you are having someone else's baby - the new impending father though: he doesn't have to pay a cent for that child until it's proven 'issue' - it's alive and kicking and 'his'. It's a rip off that must be addressed because it is grossly unfair to ask another man to compensate his ex wife/partners income loss because she is having someone else's baby. He doesn't get a 'break' and have his own responsibility reduced while his new partner is pregnant... his ex still gets every single penny the system decides that he owes for his other children... yet, he can also be made pay child support for a child that a. is not his, and b. isn't yet even 'viable' and 'born'. This is one of the many varied means the CSA engages to 'tax Australian Men out of hand and without check.'

Every group from civil rights to parents rights groups - through to even the Federal Government ministers baulking - rejects the concept of having a mother claiming 'child support' whether she was married or not mandatorily engage in DNA testing prior to being able to collect either pension (other than very minimal 'living costs') or enforce 'Child Support Payments'. This, I understand is open to abuse and even the Government of this era took a pull and thought better of that one until it could be shown that these 'records' aren't 'kept' for any other reason.

However - the FACTS point out that 1/4 or 24% of the men paying child support may not the father of that child. Which he must 'prove'. There is no obligation on the mother whatsoever to prove her claim unless she is unfortunate enough to find a father empathic judge and court. No Australian man should be forced to pay any form of Support for any child that is not his - even if he was tricked and manipulated into signing the birth certificates. He has no obligation to ever see that child again, unless he wants to, nor has that child or woman any legitimate claim on him, his wallet, estate or 'future'. He however has no rights to prevent her simply 'saying he is the father' because she at this time does not have to prove it even to get the single parents pension.

How many women might think twice about dumping a marriage if they were to realize that they'd better be sure who the father really is because the State thinks that it is highly irresponsible for women to make men who are not the genetic father and who have been criminally 'defrauded' in a fiscal sense, let alone the emotional devastation that comes with finding out this child has no link whatsoever to you but in your heart and everything about this child is a 'lie' and 'betrayal'. Courts commonly find that because he signed the birth certificate (and took the payment from the Government for the new Worker Foal) - he 'signed a contract' - or, he will continue to pay on the threat of being imprisoned for refusing to pay for a child that is not proven to be his - or even more incredibly, proven not to be.

The 'best interests of a child' is used to justify this travesty against the men of this country. There is no excuse for the Federal or State Governments to condone the deliberate and malicious 'fraudster behaviors' of women.mothers and the system that 'supports the frauds'. There is no reason that any mother should not be prepared to have to prove her own 'claims' to the Government - that she is not lying, not causing untold grief to any other Australian individual citizen (the children are relevant in that they also deserve to know who they really are, not who Mummy could milk to keep the roof over their heads). A father may naturally refuse to undergo these tests if he has no concerns, but thousands upon thousands of 'fraudulant Australian Women' will be exposed if the System just once behaved 'fairly'.

The very real majority of 'issues' with non custodial parents is the complete lack of accountability in any section of the Family Court, Child Support Regime or increasingly in community services. I'm female but - hey, girls, come on - men are human too? They have feelings, they love their kids, they'd be good fathers even if you only let them be part time fathers to their kids, but they want you to do the right thing and you don't see why you should do anything anyone else tells you is 'right', do you?

Not you, the free woman in a free country that can set her own agenda and - everyone will villify the male to make sure she never has to actually face the fact that she is entirely incapable of earning her own living, supporting her own children and actually behaving in a responsible fashion which includes taking full advantage of all the very real incentives this country offers the single parents.

Australia is absolutely astonishing in what it will provide for a sole parent, if only they will get off their backsides and look for it... but no, this year alone five local girls have attached themselves to the Child Support Agency Nipple of five 'miners' and they will deliver their Worker Foals, get their 'payment for delivery' from the state and then - 18% of his gross wage every year for the next 18 years. It's a bloody clever little 'get out of working for a living or participating in society free' card. The average miner in this country pulls in about 100k plus a year these days (in this area, in 'opening mines up') - he already pays out the highest rates of tax and now - despite being barely 21, he's going to pay another 18% on top of that while this high school girl is permitted to have HER baby - claim she is afraid of him harming her - go back to school with an order to keep him away from HER baby (which mum and (dad)) are now mostly raising for her so she doesn't miss out of all the opportunities she threw away when she got herself pregnant and wished to have and keep this baby (no girl shall sacrifice for motherhood in Australia, only grandparents, society and 'men, the fathers' shall be forced to account for her insolent disregard for her own future - no high school girl in this country can claim they do not know what will make a baby start!) - and eventually she can marry at her leisure, or not, have a few more children, be paid for them - given incredible 'start perks' which they can do as they like with, including waste, while state funds daycare for those children and she does - not a single 'productive thing' except collect welfare and - make sure he keeps on paying...

If the truth is known - women in this country have been 'rorting' the system for 20 years - commencing the brood of brats at 15 and having at least one every five years until 40, when they can then legitimately move into another 'excuse her ignorance' pension instead of unemployment benefits until she gets the aged pension - Australian Women became brood mares and like it!

At the same time, the fathers of these children must pay her Child Support, and prove to a Family Court why she should not have custody of his child because she won't listen to anything he says about how he'd like things to go in raising the child he is legally compelled to support... and no one can make her comply either - not even welfare - she is obvious a social victim - he is obviously forcing his will down her throat, give her the restraining order and make it so he can't even see what she does... otherwise, she might have to face the very 'ego shattering reality' that she is dumb - quite deliberately so, and only fit to work in low paid jobs because she flatly refuses to get off her backside and engage herself in anything that will change the perfect status quo that she has going with the Government right behind her - Australia has this very immoral form of 'multi husband marriages' and very few even understand how that works.

We've got entire suburbs of young women convinced that they have the right to have 'multiple husbands' keeping their growing broods - and they demand more and more for their 'brood mare duties' and give back less every generation. Some cases exist where there is Grandma (35) who has a grandchild starting the higher years of primary school... do the math... they all live under the same roof - each of the mothers five girls plan to commence having their family while in high school, the youngest one is due this year in grade 11, because it worked for Mum. She hasn't worked one single day in her life, she has had five kids to five fathers, collected some form of 'support' for at least two of them while those two girls had their own babies (at 15) and went back to school - and none of the girls know their fathers, and none of their babies will either.

How can this happen? More frighteningly - does any boy born to that six pack of women stand even the slightest chance of growing up believing he is anything more than a wallet on legs waiting to donate sperm to the 'Oz-azons' that are out there chewing up and spitting out the 'irresponsible fathers'... this one mother above proudly admits that she kept her figure and never admitted to having other kids until she got pregnant on purpose to each of the five different men (in five different towns, she wasn't stupid). She insists the men are to blame for 'bolting' - 'not one of them 'did the right thing' - they deserve to pay!'

If mandatory reporting is in our schools to protect our children - surely the Child Support Agency has an obligation to report the 'arrival' of a new case that suggests a public welfare 'rip off' and the very real 'abuse' of young girls by their mothers to encourage them to 'have babies' and not have a 'life' instead - ?

Should any girl woman under the legal age of consent be paid any form of payment for any child she births? If she is too young to 'have sex' by law, surely by law, she must be too young to have a baby - but no. She is in fact even entitled to being paid the Maternity payment despite having barely (if at all) complete junior. She is not obliged to go back to school - Motherhood is more important except that when that child goes to school, she has to have had another or - be able to find a job for a high school drop out that knows nothing except nappies and babies?

This is not an isolated incident - many men explain carefully how to figure out if she's telling the truth or got a couple stashed somewhere (and often with a willing female accomplice) and these incredibly include quite graphic physical descriptions of the 'effects of birth' to look for during sex... what on earth does that say about mainstream 'women' in this country when 'average, working class rural based' men are swapping very intimate stories on how 'birth changes it'... ?

What does it say when more and more men are finding sympathetic doctors who will provide a vasectomy after his 'first marriage fails' and then finds himself producing (the only acceptable proof to the CSA other than a DNA test) the vasectomy 0% sperm count test results to exonerate himself from having an 18 year 'tax' inflicted by a lying, manipulative woman - and thoroughly supported by the Governments of this country in every single 'womens shelter' who actively tell women to declare he was 'violent' because the shelters get more money that way - violence against women - Australia says NO!

Like - a bit under half our population aren't women, folks - they would be the MEN who are increasingly wary of Australian Women for very very good reasons. Particularly if he prefers the contents of his wallet being spent on his own 'real family' and not being usurped with no proof whatsoever to be paid for someone elses' child solely to keep Australian women from finding out how it feels to 'go without' so that you can put food on your childs' plate.

Thousands of men a year are denied any rights to see their children solely so that their ex partners can maintain the lies that they told, maintain the rate of pension and child support they are paid and they have no 'rights'. They have no recourse and they are suiciding increasingly because of it. This is remarkably wrong. This system isn't working for all parents, it's not working for any kids.

Even worse, one Australian group produced a professional study into the true 'cost' of the CSA to the Public, the Taxpayers. The outcome suggests that for every dollar collected from the payee parents, it costs the Government at least $3 AUD. This negates any welfare payment savings made to this country because she will only lose 100% (eventually) - she will not lose any of her own 'pension' - and she doesn't even have to prove who the sperm donors are... she simply has to say - he got me pregnant and threatened me and from that moment on, he is Public Enemy Number One and the 'baby' and its 'mother' are the victims to be protected by an elaborate, endlessly complex and essentially pointless system that is universally contributing to the ongoing demise of the Australian Family Unit as it once 'was' - back when women viewed the art of raising responsible, caring children as being 'their true job' - rather than something they are stuck with until daycare and something else comes along.

The answer lays in 'dropping team sports' in high school - screw team sports, we could get more exercise chasing our toddlers around OURSELVES instead of dropping them at daycare so that they don't interupt our 'social lives' too much. It lays in starting in grade eight, having our youth educated properly in not only their rights, but their ultimate role and responsibility within society, a society that is based on fair law, fair goes and a fair shot at 'getting ahead'. This is currently undermined every time a 20 year old young man finds himself a victim of an 18 year, state sponsored scam and wallet lightening exercise - and the women of this country are not held 100% responsible and accountable for their own efforts, deportment and conduct, alongside 'taking care of themselves'.

Surely, in a country with the advantages we are encouraged to believe we have - there is no need to systematically commit fraud against the men of Australia by allowing the women to become entirely devoid of any responsibility whatsoever towards their society. It is especially interesting to wonder if single men who were entitled to have custody of their children because they can openly and honestly prove that they can support their family, pay for help and - get ahead, if they wouldn't do at least as good a job as the women who will rely entirely on the State to pay their way and continually demand that men be treated like nothing short of 'Over Taxed Sperm Donors' and little more than 'Over Taxed Second Rate Citizens'.

The Government has the ultimate responsibility to 'do the right thing by all parties'. It is highly unethical of the Australian Government to continue to support the Child Support Agency - indeed it amounts to little less than known, acknowledged, legislated corruption to rival anything the current Wheat fiasco presents. Australian employers are compelled to steal from the pay packets of the men - while they physically witness the depressive decline in that man who is fighting a corrupt, brutalized, feminized system that is singularly designed to prevent the Australian women being forced to understand they are only as important, unique and special as the bloke they have children WITH... they can't really claim to have had their foals TO these men because that might be too close to acknowledging what they truly are according to lore and Law in Australia - 'Paid To Deliver Brood Mares and Proxy Tax Production Wombs.'

There is a coming Fathers Revolt in this country - the day will come when the Court weary, heart numbed fathers of this vast wide Country will understand that they have to actually unify in ways that they aren't accustomed to and do so to protect their own children from the very real calamity that is coming - Australia is under internal seige, and it is far easier to scare unarmed, under lifeskilled women than it is to scare a unified family unit into compliance...
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Me Too - unfortunately for my child

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 30/03/2007 - 10:47.

It's happened to me; I won't be able to see my little boy for anything up to 10 years simply because the Mother doesn't want me to have contact with him.

This after bullying me into moving 1800 kms to where she lives and then making life miserable for me by criticising every effort I made when trying to help in cleaning, cooking and maintaining the home.

This, after I had taken out a second mortgage to pay out the Mother's debts and build housing improvements on her apartment! She refused to acknowledge my investment in HER property and so I refused to invest.

She has restricted access to my son and took out a vexatious Violence Protection Order which prevented me from having any contact with my son, and I had to spend money time and effort to fight the VPO which led to a Court judgement that I was not a violent person and the ruling was overturned and the magistrate castigated for not taking the time to genuinely look at the case.

My attempt to gain access to my little fella has cost over $20,000 and I have moved 7 times (after living in mt own home for 20 years) in the last 3 years, and have just been denied contact by the Family Court of Australia (that is if you don't count 2 x 2hr supervised contacts a year).

I have given up, but I will still have to pay the CSA tax with NO CHANCE of seeing my child. Incredibly after the VPO was falsely implemented I attempted suicide and the Social Worker and the Courts this was therefore threatening to the child!

The amazing thing is that 2 former girlfriends are absolutely disgusted with the way I have been treated (and they know my human failings) and even the older sister of my son's Mother thinks that her "younger sister is not only insane, but very very angry".

However, unless you have money you cannot afford to legally fight any of this. I find that I am continually meeting men who tell a very similar story - we obviously have a Legal system which has nothing to do with Justice!

My closing offering - "What is the difference between a Social Worker and a Rottweiler? - You can get your child back from a Rottweiler."



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