Beware the Peewee

Submitted by Webmaster on Tue, 26/07/2005 - 08:11

The local McDonalds has a surprising sign in the door – Patio closed to nesting birds. Well, if a bird was nesting on the patio, it can’t have done so without knowing that thousands of people come and go every day. I decided to each on the patio anyway. It was then, the staff came out and informed me of the real reason for the sign – the peewee that was begging for a fry was a maniac. I was told that if I kept on encouraging him, he would try to peck my eyes out!If I had not heard of such a thing before, I would not have believed it. I had a dim memory of peewees stalking the pizzerias on the esplanade and attacking tourists. It is hard to imagine that peewees which weigh only about 150 grams can damage a fully grown human. However peewees have a bad habit of flying at people’s eyes. Eventually the birds on the Esplanade were removed by Cairns City Council.Peewees normally attack their own reflections and can often be seen attacking windows, chrome hubcaps and the like. The poorer the quality of the reflection, the more they like to attack it. If one puts out a real mirror, the reflection is too real for the peewee and he will not go near it. He will start to attack and then break of the attack as soon as the reflection begins to attack. Some of the reflections that peewees most like attacking are so poor that it is not possible to see ones own face when viewed from pee wee level. I wonder if peewees are really attacking their own reflection which they see in our eyes?Next time I time I go to McDonald's, I will have to take my pee-shooter for protection! Photos: sign on the door, innocent-looking peewee standing in the carpark, dangerous-looking peewee watching me from the next table.



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