Biofuel a stopgap only as peak oil and monstrous scrapyards loom

Submitted by Roy on Fri, 14/07/2006 - 13:16

Like the dinosaur before it, the modern car is about to leap off the evolutionary cliff to its extinction, and only small, smart people movers will survive.

While ABC's Landline programme considered the role of the biofuel option stopgap, Four Corners this week picked up on the earlier Catalyst story on 'peak oil' - that point where oil wells reach their optimum production and begin their decline.

Just as China begins its love affair with the car, the insatiable appetite of the fossil-fuelled internal combustion engine will face terminal starvation as fossil fuels peter out, and the only hope for people movers will be found in alternative fuels, such as the hydrogen fuel cell.

But the wait for alternatives to kick in could last at least 20 years, say industry forecasters, and as our lifestyle, so fatefully linked to fossil fuel, begins to falter, a prolonged economic depression will see millions out of work and governments forced to face increased responsibility for the delivery of welfare.

In the meantime, governments' continuing commitment to fund super highways and related infrastructure to the detriment of public transport will justly come under increasing scrutiny and criticism.



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